Message in a bottle…

Visions & Wishes

Have the vision of a World in which people understand the “Spirit” is ONE in common for all of Us. Where people understand “Spirituality” is only our personal expression or translation, of this common for all, Spirit. A World in which people consciously STOP themselves from fixating into the divergences amongst their expressions, and instead seek combination of their thoughts and methods, with the purpose of genuinely breeding a ground for peaceful expression and harmonious coexistence, without frontiers. For this reason: I wish our ability to combine things and self, at all levels of Being, to evolve in the desire for TOGETHERNESS in Thought and Action.




Good portions of particulars and ideas …


like jigsaw pieces,

one into the other,

offering a more accurate view of the picture.


locking one inside the other.

Nesting tightly together,

embracing each other,

longing to melt inside and fuse…

Not discerning the lines dividing:


Pressing to meet…

the gap through which air flows,

the pores that let us breathe,

that now are one with the skin.

One with the dividing lines,

other particulars to fuse

and blend

and embrace within.

Other shapes,

beliefs to let in.

Is there enough space ever?

For all of these?

Is there space or is it all already filled?

Why can’t we see its all well mixed together to begin with?

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Heart’ Flower


If all we actually needed to learn in life, is how to deal with NEEDS, of ours and of others…


I come to the following conclusions:



  1. You have Needs (Discover what those are)

  2. Others have Needs (They need to discover what those are)

  3. Our Needs need being met (If our purpose is to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and each other)

  • We are the only ones that can make the above happen (n.1-2-3).

  • Our Needs need be revealed to each other to make the above happen (n.1-2-3).

Therefor EACH ONE OF US needs to deal with:

  1. The DISCOVERY of his real Needs         ———————————————————————- THE INTERNAL FACTOR

  2. The CONSIDERATION of the real Needs of others———————————————————————- THE EXTERNAL FACTOR

  3. The WILLINGNESS to help him/herself and others meet real Needs——————————————————————— TOGETHERNESS FACTOR

Each “Factor” owns its key word, namely: Discovery – Consideration – Willingness

These three key words are required skills we ought to improve constantly on.

So that possibly:

DISCOVERY————– could lead to — AWARENESS


WILLINGNESS———- could lead to — CHANGE

For the RESEARCH and DISCOVERY process of oneself I personally believe the only thing needed is a pen and paper: start speaking to yourself in writing until you tell yourself the truth about YOU. Takes long but it eventually happens. Will not solve it all, you’l find a lot of mess and you might want to quit, don’t do it! Working with your thoughts and feelings is the most beautiful thing, far better than sex, laughing, drinking, eating or anything… really.

For the study of CONSIDERATION we need to find ways – techniques – methods to do the following:

  1. Learn how to give Consideration when asked.

  2. Learn how to ask for Consideration when you need it.


  1. Learn how to deal with “deliberate” Consideration from another (Consideration not requested by you, but offered): Acceptance – Debate – Refusal

  2. Learn how to deal with the “deliberate” Consideration you feel like providing to another (Consideration not requested by the other, but offered by you): Acceptance – Debate – Refusal


  1. n.1 in the previous list, reveals a Need of yours to offer Consideration.

  2. n.2 in the previous list, reveals a Need of another to offer you Consideration.

For the enhancement of the WILLINGNESS in doing the above, we need to answer two very simple questions:

  • Do we like the Human World (Society) as is now?

  • Why?

There are many ways we could choose to apply ourselves in these fields of study: workshops, seminars, self made theories, schools of thought and so on. Good news being the Internet freely provides plethora of information and ideas on how to exercise and improve awareness, communication and will power. Provided we realize how crucial these are for our evolution as human beings, living in a Human World, in a World in which we would like to some day see Peace, Love, Truth and Freedom… spring: please choose which ones do it for you!!!! :-)


With “deliberate” consideration

Heart’ Flower


What if… Disease was really a Cure!

Where without it there would be doom…

 a state of stillness,

no growth, no evolution, no life!

What if it were in disguise

a Friend,

Not an enemy, nor a thief!

What if it’s there…

for us to learn and bare with it.

What if our obsession with finding sanity

into pharmacy, hospital and psychotherapy

is the real Disease,

what if the real Cure

was to be found by Us, in Us.

What if we held our own antidote within.

And finally, what if…

Disease wasn’t disease at all,

but a special power,

disabling “normal” powers

in favor of something else, something other.

Now bare in mind: (read quickly)

If you can find even just one constructive outcome,

of your Disease (from Flu to Depression to Cancer and all the more) and You,

in your joint venture,

concentrating on it would mean finding your special power!

The destructive sides of the Disease translate in the challenge,

whilst searching for positiveness in it.

You’l probably, very shortly, feel much better…

Then again,

If the condition persists, degenerates,

as they say:

“Consult your Doctor”

(I dare say… YOU)


P.S. This is to be taken into consideration only as a parallel suggestion to any therapy you’re undertaking, not a substitute, just in case I’m wrong! :-)







to Us all!!!

Flower’ Heart


How much Light to explore?

How much Life?

How much darkness, shadows over shadows…

Over my head.

Heavy… burden…

A luggage brain, not travelling light.

Tons of thoughts to carry…

Through Light! Into Light.

Some I manage, some I don’t,

need more Living time to work on.

And a rhetorical question: “How much more?”

Such a wonderland the one of thought.



One minute sad,

the other exited to the bone!

Who does really know?

I explore and witness…

Mixed feelings and confusion in the brain.

Never the less

my only real Hide Away.

At ease, relax, feeling Safe.

…One minute later, have an idea!

Where did it come from?

Above or Below?

I say Beyond…

Skive the collision

and move on.


Heart’ Flower

T.F.L. (True – Free – Love)
to Us all



Think we could all be Stars

moving so quickly that

we ourselves see only the past of what we’ve done and are.

Not the present.

The light we left behind,

ages back…

Think that the strength

We so much wish for

needs not be built up,

it already exists.

Think that what we see is buried past,

and what we’l see next,

will be past too,

once we get there.

Think that present speaks to us,

when we’re silent enough to listen to it.

Giving ideas and visions…

Us, not knowing how we’l get there,

whilst we already are.

How much wasted anxiety and stress?

Think you are a star!

Physical eyes can’t grasp!

Think you are what you plan for the future

Think you are what you are

and that there is no way of knowing what that is,

because what you are is what you will be, in time

and you cannot predict

rather just see the tail of a shadow of it.

So… Think you are LIGHT

Pure and Plain and Utter

nothing more than that.

Feel free to improvise and relax.

Heart’ Flower


T.F.L. (True Free Love)

to you all!


I have 2 pieces to share with you, one about the contradicting states of pregnancy and abortion and one about child raising, and for some reason just don’t feel its time yet, to post them, they are pretty personal as well, so maybe I feel a little shy at the moment, posted a few quite generic ideas and thoughts, methods and poems, and now… although have more of those too, feel there is something I should do before pouring out more words on this blog… that is: presenting myself!

So, hello everybody, I am a 33 years old, half Italian, half Greek woman, living in Greece for quite a while now, after having studied in England and fallen in love with the language.

My studies have nothing to do with what I do for living, I studied European Law, Politics and Economics, think I chose those topics because since a very early stage in my life felt quite appalled by these words, and just wanted to undress the ghost and see what was really behind it all, getting me angered every time they come up into discussion.

I have a Production studio, create TV shows, advertisement, books, brochures,  etc.

For the shows I do the direction, production, postproduction… everything that’s needed to get the show ready for viewing. Don’t work for third parties, so, don’t worry, I’m not trying to find clients for my business here, only produce my own shows, have got 2 of them on air in Greece, one is a cooking program teaching about food being our first medicine, healthy cooking and health through knowledge of what to eat and when to eat it. The 2nd one is a talk show concerning herbal remedies for beauty and health.

I am shortly coming out with my third baby show, hopefully by the end of the year, fingers crossed.

I am a single mom, my son is going to be 3 at the beginning of September, and am yet adjusting to this new “condition” that is, being a mother… Believe I’m getting there, slowly and surely though! :-)

Also, have been a vegetarian since 1998, not vegan, can do without meat not without cheese… but I smoke, probably the only fault I have is this, yes, to excuse myself for being a smoker, to my parents who will forever hope I’ll cut tomorrow, I do often state that I do it not to create myself any false hopes of being too perfect! It’s the best lie I’ve come up so far, but please be so kind as to share any better lines if you have any, think my excuse has grown old!

I was a very curious child, and as it happens to people that hunt for invisible treasures not knowing what exactly they are searching for and where, got in trouble quite early in life (and MUCH), so at some point, when all begun to explode in my face, found shelter in a Page… Started writing about everything I felt like speaking about, begun analyzing me, writing became my self-therapy… It has been 12 years now of systematic daily work, during which time I got to experience myself in a way not many people nowadays do, understanding that all I was searching for, wasn’t outside, rather in me, realizing I am my own treasure!

I believe I had a rebirth 12 years ago, as a structure to itself and now after much designing and crafting, I am attempting an opening gala, a step forward in the transformation of this creation into a structure to the whole!

My parents, which I begun appreciating later in life, are helping me very much with my Son, if it weren’t for them, I don’t believe I could have done it to both be a single-mother and run my own business as also meditate with Page daily and have the time for Blogging as well!!!

In my life I don’t have everything solved, I actually have tons of work in progress in every single field, and I’m very far from being wise, or enlighten. I’m a cruiser, a traveler of the human mind, the human soul and the human body, at once.

I like dancing from one reality of mine to the next and to embrace them all into one dancing move, attempting togetherness in every way I can, “within and without” myself, regard this as a skill we all have and can master for the purpose of making our days brighter and happier, giving our lives a deeper meaning. One that isn’t for sanctity and that doesn’t follow any particular current. Rather a meaning whose depths tackle the broader understanding of our very own selves. Realizing we all hold marvels inside and that we can all do extraordinary things. Becoming truer to our nature and consequently always less confined by social standards and complexes; thus keeping well away from futile and truly time wasting conflicts (haven’t yet reached this point)!

We have all grown “bugs” along the way, but we have also grown into “cultivators” of our secret gardens, of our internal territories, those holding all the flowers we create, think of and feel, and for this reason I retain it plausible to say we are all capable of, at least, confining the bugs and their destructive tendencies!

Well, this is me and my general beliefs, really, the outline, there is more though, some experience, some ideas, some philosophy, some poetry, some tales, and few other things… :-)

Heart’ Flower


INJUSTICE… What does INJUSTICE mean? The… Un-just thing one does… Un-just where Just means Right, so what is the Un-Right? WRONG.


Now, what do these words mean?

RIGHT= the proper way, as opposed to…

WRONG= the improper way…

So, what we are basically talking about is WAYS, the roads one can take, being either proper to a cause or improper to that same cause.

Of course there are opinions and opinions, on what proper or improper is, but lets just concentrate on the matter for both Right and Wrong, that is: “WAYS”.

Let us picture in our minds a “way”… a road… multiply this road, make them hundreds, as to symbolize the infinity of ways existing and the plethora of choices one has.

[Take a moment to recreate the image in your head]

Now, care to make this image a bit more accurate to our primary quest: a Right or a Wrong is defined by what YOU believe to be Right or Wrong. The roads you picture, therefore, they all depart from the same starting point, you.

[Take a moment to picture this]

These roads you are picturing in your head can easily be compared to the rays of a geometrical figure, a circle… now let them enter a three-dimensional environment,  let them become the rays of a sphere, give them natural life, transform them instantly into the shiny rays of a Sun, beginning from a fireball and ending into the abyss. Don’t follow any of these rays, to see where they take you, see the whole picture first, see this Sun emanating rays/ roads/ ways, that depart from under your nose, the Sun is under your nose.

[Stop for a minute and observe]

These rays go in different directions, and they form a crown around you, they surround the fireball and by doing so they blind you from seeing its real shape. You can see the light it surrounds itself with; see the rays, but not the actual fire that produces them.

Do you know an ancient proverb that speaks: “By looking at the tree you miss the forest?”

Well! The opposite is also true: “By looking at the forest you miss each one of its trees!”

Can’t figure out why that came to mind just yet, but I have a feeling I will find out soon…

Let your mind take in this Sun of ways, this sphere, without doing much digging, simply look at it (in your mind, doing it for real will only ruin your corneas) and now turn the image upside down.

See that this Sun is very distant, not under your nose anymore, rather miles away, see yourself not being that sun, neither next to it, see yourself being the receiver of its warmth instead, the receiver of the light. In other words, put yourself at the end of the road, at the ending line of one of the Sun’s rays…

Are you in the position to state, whether this ray that unifies you (the ending line) to the Sun, is an entirely proper or improper way?

Whether the ray to your left is proper?

Whether the one on the right is improper?

Whether any of these rays are Right or Wrong? My personal opinion is: No, not entirely!

And this is way:

You are a Sun too, you emanate rays just like the “real” Sun does, you will receive the light of one ray, one way, one road… from the Sun: probably this translates in the allowance of a “Lifetime”, but you will transform the light you receive into a smaller Sun emanating at 360 degrees in 3D of rays too!

Some rays you’ll produce will be proper or improper, for you, to your causes, not necessarily in the same way as for everybody else, at impact with your choices. These rays/ways/roads will however be characterized as proper or improper from other people, people who have made entirely different choices. People who, likewise, have also been “enlighten” by the Sun and have transformed the light they received in their own personal Suns exactly as it happened with you… Are you seeing where this whole picture leads us?

It is a network of Suns, ours, a connected and well functioning mechanism for Giving and Receiving light, in terms of rays, from the Sun to you and back, from the Sun to everybody else and back, and from everybody to you and vice versa.

It’s all a process of Giving and Receiving in general!

Point being that it’s really crowded in here, and for this reason it’s very easy to step on each others ways, to bump and collide, so, for as long as you minimize the “limitation” you might cause to others, for them to Give and Receive as well as you, you are actually working finely into this network… balanced and in tune with… the “Forest of Suns”!! (That’s why I thought of the forest and the trees, aha!)

I’ll become repetitive now but I don’t mean to intrude into the workings of your minds, merely just state the presence of this method I find quite clarifying – at times – using it for the purpose of exploring the “Network of Suns” a vision representing “Humanity” here.

The method is to concentrate on Matter, because that is the One in common for each contradiction you are faced with during your life, whilst the various “Directions” for your contradictions could pretty much be infinite! And yes, – (negative/wrong) and + (positive/right) charges exist, but you cannot group them universally, they are relative to your subjective prospective on all levels of being (Mind, Body and Soul), therefore three-dimensionally speaking the difficulty is three times bigger than infinite in formulating a Universal theory, if you base it on the directions of thought!

You will eventually come out with a style, a belief, that will end up grouping you in a “church” that is for plenty or for a few, but bear in mind it will only hold a part of the Universal truth, one aspect of it, not the whole, it won’t hold everything in it, exactly because it is based on the study of a direction and not the centre of, the nucleus, the matter they all hold!

P.S. I will write another essay regarding “limitation” and the reasons why I believe they should be minimized, and that’s because not many choose to read through my texts if they are too long!

Heart’ Flower

Dream, Play, Write!

Today, make a commitment to your writing.

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