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Visions & Wishes

Have the vision of a World in which people understand the “Spirit” is ONE in common for all of Us. Where people understand “Spirituality” is only our personal expression or translation, of this common for all, Spirit. A World in which people consciously STOP themselves from fixating into the divergences amongst their expressions, and instead seek combination of their thoughts and methods, with the purpose of genuinely breeding a ground for peaceful expression and harmonious coexistence, without frontiers. For this reason: I wish our ability to combine things and self, at all levels of Being, to evolve in the desire for TOGETHERNESS in Thought and Action.



A friend back in 2005 once told me something that stayed with me, he told me he couldn’t figure out if I was a trembling leaf or the breeze shaking it… very poetic, in many senses profound, and after many times I recalled his analogy, trying to give it meaning, trying to fit it in, and understand it, today I was given another chance to think of these words… In me they act a little like a key, unlock weird paths for my thinking processes, and it isn’t random when it happens that I recall them… but this isn’t the reason I am writing today, maybe some other day I will attempt an explanation, not today.

Yesterday in a gathering with very close and special friends, a question aroused: “What does awareness mean?”

The question stayed with us a little, but was then discarded and overcome by other lovely means for discussion, leaving it a bit in the air, maybe because we felt it too obvious to process or because the pizzas and the wine delivery became our priority, I don’t know. Yet again I didn’t forget the question, had it in my mind somewhere sitting and waiting for me to care.

Left late, got home, slept and woke up this morning with my usual eagerness to pick pen and paper and start writing my good morning pages. At some point into the sequence of writing-sipping coffee-puffing cigarette-thinking-adjusting on the chair etc, found myself daydreaming of the answer I could have provided through the analogy of the leaf and the breeze, and here it is what then evolved in writing:

“To me Awareness is the assertion, the observation of the process by which the breeze has an impact on the leaf, making it tremble. The understanding of the moments in which one acts more as breeze does on leafs, or as leafs do by trembling, due to an external breeze causing it. How much of each of these two states exists in one moment of life, because reality is we are both leafs and breeze shaking leafs at the same time. How much of what you act out is you and how much belongs to what rests outside you, the ability to distinguish the two, before assembling them into one, just before making the moment yours: an experience. And doing so, as you grow and move in all directions… Awareness is the knowledge of being you among potential parts of you at every step of the process of living. That finally results into choice, the choice of what to assimilate and what not, what to channel in and what to filter out. Forming in turn -after assimilation- the new awareness of what your grown self is and is not, keeping parts integral yet combined, knowing where they came from, watching them evolve, react, mutate…

Awareness is the monitoring of the detailed written algorithm a life succumbs to. Yet again, awareness isn’t the algorithm in itself, that algorithm is life, rather the ability to read it and hold all its length as a picture, in your mind.

Now, when at the beginning I mentioned the breeze-leaf analogy is a key opening weird paths to my thinking processes, that’s what I meant, how from breeze and leafs do we get to algorithms? But as I said, it will be for another time… :-D


True – Free – Love

Heart’ Flower


Stare in those eyes and tell me…

Is it truths or lies, they seal?

Stare in those eyes and wander…

Is it pain a smile could heal?

Stare in those eyes and feel…

Is it you or me, they see?

Make peace.


Moisture every kindness allowed in.

Heart’ Flower


Μια κρεμάμενη μάσκα από ορατούς αλλά και αόρατους δεσμούς…

μες στο σκότος φέγγει,


από το ίδιο της το φως αντανακλά!

Είναι αυτό που αναζητάς … Ή δεν είναι;

Τι ζητάς;

Μια σκέψη να γίνει αλήθεια..

Να την ακολουθάς σιωπηλά…

να την ποθείς… να την αγαπάς…

να αποκτήσει σάρκα και οστά.

Φεγγοβολή και από το ίδιο της το φως αντανακλά…

Μια μάσκα… που κοιτάς;

Είναι ο Ήλιος…

Η Σελήνη…

Το φως της γνώσης…

Της ηρεμίας η σπίθα…

Μια σπιθαμή παλάμη, που κλείνοντας αυτή…

εσένα κρατά!

Ένα μοναχικό λουλούδι,

άνθρωπος να γίνει με το άνοιγμα της…


Η μαγεία της ζωής αντικαθιστά την απορία,

δεν τη λύνει, απλά τη ντύνει…

κλωστές χρυσαφιές … πλεγμένες με προσοχή,

κέντημα κόκκινο σκουφί,

μακρινό συγγενικό πρόσωπο είναι αυτό…

μια κοκκινοσκουφίτσα στο στόμα του λύκου.

« Δοντάκια χαλασμένα…», του λέει!

« … πρόσεχε, θα πέσουν και θα πονάς μετά! »

Ο λύκος την μάσκα του βγάζει

είναι άνθρωπος και αυτός θυμωμένος,

οργισμένος αλλά και θλιμμένος…

« Τι θέλεις; », της απαντά

« Τίποτα! »

Παλάμη που κλείνοντας αυτή…

εσένα κρατά!

Ένα μεγάλο αγγελούδι,

φτερά να αποκτήσει με το άνοιγμα της…

να πετάξει ψηλά…


Κόβει η μαχαιριά!

Λάθος έκανε και πάλι…


« Δεν θα με πιάσεις… Που να σκάσεις!

Στην ομοιότητα τα αντίθετα δώσε…

και να’ σαι πάντα καλά!

Άντε γεια! »


Παλάμη που κλείνοντας αυτή…

μια κρεμάμενη μάσκα κρατά…

από ορατούς αλλά και αόρατους δεσμούς..

Ήλιος να γίνει στο άνοιγμα της…


Το φως της γνώσης…

Της ηρεμίας η σπίθα…

Μια σπιθαμή… παλάμη που κλείνοντας αυτή

την δική σου βροντά…

« Χάρηκα », σου λέει

μια σε παλεύει…

μια σε αγαπά…

μια σε χαϊδεύει…

μια σε χτυπά…

« Πιάσε το μαχαίρι…»

« Άδικα κοπιάζεις, είναι ήδη αργά! »

Αγάπη είναι με το άνοιγμα της…


Heart’ Flower

Απρίλιος 2005


During the past month I’ve been meditating on the word FUSION and -in short- my research got me to explore topics like: fusion of ideas, thoughts, beliefs… Trying to see the World as one, in all the contradictions and the divergences within it. So, at some point last week, whilst washing a pile of dirty dishes, an idea came up, thought of a funny way to exercise combination skills. This idea matured in me and its with great pleasure that I present you today “THE BLENDING GAME”.

How it works: I’l choose a topic and express my view on it, the person who wishes to play will have to repeat or summarize mine as also add his own view. The next player, fitting the previous two views into his writing will also add his ideas on the subject matter, and so on.

In this way, theoretically speaking, the game of blending could carry on to the infinite. No barriers, no limitations to creativity and inspiration!

An example: Topic, “THE SUN”

One speaks “The sun is bright”

Next one says “The sun is bright and warm”

3rd says “The sun is bright and warm but if you’re not careful enough it could burn your skin”

And so on…

This example is a very elementary version of what I’m suggesting to do here, also, the topic I feel like introducing is far more intricate as well:


Here we go…

“Ownership is a notion just as fictitious as the notions of right and wrong. Ownership in reality doesn’t exist. “Our” Body belongs to Nature, not us. “Our” Spirit is just a hint of the common for all Spirit.”Our” Soul processes the interactions of Body & Spirit, turns them into thoughts, ideas, sensations, feelings and even these are only passing by us, provisionally on our path, and if for a while we nurture them as “ours”, alike babies, they independently grow into adults and eventually get a life of their own.”

Can you combine this opinion to your opinion on Ownership?

Rules of the game: This game has one rule, NO DEBATE, this isn’t a game for opponents! Displaying ideas with the purpose of colliding with one the other and disputing differences IS FORBIDDEN.

This game promotes the exact opposite actually. The purpose here is to find the links in between our ideas and together explore a broader understanding of a specific topic. However, this doesn’t mean that only people with similar views can play, it just means that the person with the dissimilar view could add his, using terms like “but” or “then again it is also true that…” And so on…

Use both differences and similarities as links in between beliefs!

One last thing, since this game doesn’t have an end, I would suggest a 1 month playing time for it, after which, if there is demand, we could together make a list of topics and freely choose in which ones to play, like a multi-social-game network or something! :-)

Whoever wants to join this game and play, could publish the topic in his own blog and link the article in the comment section below. Having said this, I’m not a very popular blogger, and this isn’t my target anyways, so, please feel free to pass it on, if you like the idea. It would be great to see how people can blend their ideas and create together. To observe, step by step, the process of blending happening!

Wishing for a creative November

Heart’ Flower



Good portions of particulars and ideas …


like jigsaw pieces,

one into the other,

offering a more accurate view of the picture.


locking one inside the other.

Nesting tightly together,

embracing each other,

longing to melt inside and fuse…

Not discerning the lines dividing:


Pressing to meet…

the gap through which air flows,

the pores that let us breathe,

that now are one with the skin.

One with the dividing lines,

other particulars to fuse

and blend

and embrace within.

Other shapes,

beliefs to let in.

Is there enough space ever?

For all of these?

Is there space or is it all already filled?

Why can’t we see its all well mixed together to begin with?

Uncover the links!

Heart’ Flower


If all we actually needed to learn in life, is how to deal with NEEDS, of ours and of others…


I come to the following conclusions:



  1. You have Needs (Discover what those are)

  2. Others have Needs (They need to discover what those are)

  3. Our Needs need being met (If our purpose is to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and each other)

  • We are the only ones that can make the above happen (n.1-2-3).

  • Our Needs need be revealed to each other to make the above happen (n.1-2-3).

Therefor EACH ONE OF US needs to deal with:

  1. The DISCOVERY of his real Needs         ———————————————————————- THE INTERNAL FACTOR

  2. The CONSIDERATION of the real Needs of others———————————————————————- THE EXTERNAL FACTOR

  3. The WILLINGNESS to help him/herself and others meet real Needs——————————————————————— TOGETHERNESS FACTOR

Each “Factor” owns its key word, namely: Discovery – Consideration – Willingness

These three key words are required skills we ought to improve constantly on.

So that possibly:

DISCOVERY————– could lead to — AWARENESS


WILLINGNESS———- could lead to — CHANGE

For the RESEARCH and DISCOVERY process of oneself I personally believe the only thing needed is a pen and paper: start speaking to yourself in writing until you tell yourself the truth about YOU. Takes long but it eventually happens. Will not solve it all, you’l find a lot of mess and you might want to quit, don’t do it! Working with your thoughts and feelings is the most beautiful thing, far better than sex, laughing, drinking, eating or anything… really.

For the study of CONSIDERATION we need to find ways – techniques – methods to do the following:

  1. Learn how to give Consideration when asked.

  2. Learn how to ask for Consideration when you need it.


  1. Learn how to deal with “deliberate” Consideration from another (Consideration not requested by you, but offered): Acceptance – Debate – Refusal

  2. Learn how to deal with the “deliberate” Consideration you feel like providing to another (Consideration not requested by the other, but offered by you): Acceptance – Debate – Refusal


  1. n.1 in the previous list, reveals a Need of yours to offer Consideration.

  2. n.2 in the previous list, reveals a Need of another to offer you Consideration.

For the enhancement of the WILLINGNESS in doing the above, we need to answer two very simple questions:

  • Do we like the Human World (Society) as is now?

  • Why?

There are many ways we could choose to apply ourselves in these fields of study: workshops, seminars, self made theories, schools of thought and so on. Good news being the Internet freely provides plethora of information and ideas on how to exercise and improve awareness, communication and will power. Provided we realize how crucial these are for our evolution as human beings, living in a Human World, in a World in which we would like to some day see Peace, Love, Truth and Freedom… spring: please choose which ones do it for you!!!! :-)


With “deliberate” consideration

Heart’ Flower


What if… Disease was really a Cure!

Where without it there would be doom…

 a state of stillness,

no growth, no evolution, no life!

What if it were in disguise

a Friend,

Not an enemy, nor a thief!

What if it’s there…

for us to learn and bare with it.

What if our obsession with finding sanity

into pharmacy, hospital and psychotherapy

is the real Disease,

what if the real Cure

was to be found by Us, in Us.

What if we held our own antidote within.

And finally, what if…

Disease wasn’t disease at all,

but a special power,

disabling “normal” powers

in favor of something else, something other.

Now bare in mind: (read quickly)

If you can find even just one constructive outcome,

of your Disease (from Flu to Depression to Cancer and all the more) and You,

in your joint venture,

concentrating on it would mean finding your special power!

The destructive sides of the Disease translate in the challenge,

whilst searching for positiveness in it.

You’l probably, very shortly, feel much better…

Then again,

If the condition persists, degenerates,

as they say:

“Consult your Doctor”

(I dare say… YOU)


P.S. This is to be taken into consideration only as a parallel suggestion to any therapy you’re undertaking, not a substitute, just in case I’m wrong! :-)







to Us all!!!

Flower’ Heart

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