Message in a bottle…

Visions & Wishes

Have the vision of a World in which people understand the “Spirit” is ONE in common for all of Us. Where people understand “Spirituality” is only our personal expression or translation, of this common for all, Spirit. A World in which people consciously STOP themselves from fixating into the divergences amongst their expressions, and instead seek combination of their thoughts and methods, with the purpose of genuinely breeding a ground for peaceful expression and harmonious coexistence, without frontiers. For this reason: I wish our ability to combine things and self, at all levels of Being, to evolve in the desire for TOGETHERNESS in Thought and Action.



What if demands were the problem,

And wishes, the solutions.

What if prayer was the antidote for discouragement!

Would you relax,

Or get overstressed despite that?

Heart’ Flower



1st of all with Inspiration, simultaneous and strong, irresistible, to all writers, poets, singers, painters… all artists in general, to write, talk, sing and paint the Reform. A movement beginning with words and images and not guns, without money. Just with the expressions of the human soul!

Expressiveness that served on the internet could spread literally overnight, by tomorrow morning – if possible – united – coming out with messages of a World Reform, of money not being our God, of people having strength, holding it inside their hearts…

2nd, sending to all people in power, politicians, economists, authorities in general, dreams of famine, starvation, faces of people living in boxes and eating from garbage, sending these images in their dreams for them to see every time they even blink, with our thoughts, well, at their emails too… or twitter accounts… it won’t hurt. (Photographers could help here) Alleged to these images, a rhetorical question: “What are you going to do for me? What are you doing for me? To me? … WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”Conscience speaking, loud and clear, not stopping for a single second, a little token to those who like to play God and enjoy dictating punishments and rules from their fictitious thrones. Will you do something for me too???

3rd, Compassion, rising levels of compassion  within our souls, feeling the needs of each other, trying to make each other smile, not cry, an increase in amorous feelings and tenderness within ourselves that endures and increases constantly.

The rest will happen on its own…

I connect to the Spirit of the Earth


I plead for the LOVE REFORM to begin!



Heart’ Flower


How many things life brings, how many…

All valuable and neat.

Turn the many into lessons, treats,

Episodes in a script.

Oh! How many moments life is.

Sour and Salty and Bitter and Sweet…

Like in the song, a symphony!

Treats, all tastes are in,

And you, you can make them all taste so good,

Good for you,

Good for me too!

I am filled.

Heart’ Flower


A three act Show


Today I will come out with a short writing divided in three parts, 3 acts:

In Act 1 _ Art in Reality & Reality in Art, I will see Reality within painting, music, sculpting and lovemaking. Analyzing the effects of true communication through the analogy with artistic practices.

In Act 2 _ Real Revolution,  I will analyze the circles of life, and the way a person can induce integrity into action.

In Act 3 _ Symbols, I will give a statement about Perception and Action.

Three acts here, well studied through the previous days, into one Show. Lets begin, shall we…

Act 1 _ Art in Reality & Reality in Art

Interaction, Communication all wrapped up into art, you could call them sounds or images, or both, at once. And then, one could see them in action, like with painting, brushes and pigments. Like with music, instruments and notes. Like sculpting, scalpels and wood or clay and smudging with your thumbs, all about the hands. Artistry consists in the harmony in between the movement and the final impact such movement will have on a material, either it being a canvas, some strings… a channel for and by which one creates something other than his own self, giving birth.

So it is that each word I speak is the movement of my brush, dripping color on a canvas, a canvas named Maria, Jonathan, Eric or else. A single stroke on them, on you, is enough for me, if my means are to adhere to a joint artwork and not stain it, irreversibly.

The same practice in a different imagery, now, a note I play on my harp, my words, that contribute to whatever note Maria will play on her piano, Eric on his flute and Jonathan with his violin… Just a single note that adds up to a symphony. And what if our bodies were instruments tuned on a certain frequency, emanating sounds, projecting those outside the atmosphere of the Earth, jointly forming a song, out there… of which we can only hear a very small part of, that at times feels confusing, almost like a delirium of voices out of sync, disturbing and loud, what if in its wholeness this sound was bright and firm, instead, a melody.

And the sculpture art now, if wood was our fellow man, and our words scalpels… or a digit leaving an imprint on a clay ball, on which other digits will imprint more, pushing and forming, turning this load of clay into a face, a flower, a pot, a bowl… vessel for something else yet to be thought of.

Many could be the images, in fact, that relate to our communicative art, and it goes both ways: I am the dripping brush stroking canvases and a canvas being stroked, at once.

The sexual art doesn’t differ at all, both at once, partners on a bed, exchange caresses like brushes exchange strokes on canvases… Like instruments unify and synchronize their sounds into a melody, where joining becomes the mutual realization of what joining ultimately means, in a third: melody, painting, sculpture, a child.

We practice unity at all levels of life every single moment, every second that goes by. So, tell me, reader, how -in this one environment- can you be standing there, feeling alone, against the World? When you are one with it!

The Unit plays a role into the Whole, it shapes the whole… and the game is played at the personal and interpersonal levels, at the very same exact time. Could be too dreamy a description, mine, yet it still represents a FACT. Reality is Art.

Act 2 _ Real Revolution

Reality is organized in circles: the Personal one, the Family bound one, the Inner Social life of each individual, and so on… towards the wider ones, ending with Earth, Galaxy, Universe and the Unknown after that.

We, people, mostly act within the first 3 circles, Personal – Family – Inner Social life, with some sporadic reminders of thoughtfulness towards the outer ones, Environment Day, the documentary on TV on 3rd World countries, filled with images of starved children, not our own, that will awaken our solidarity for a moment, demanding of us to give a moment of thought, hopefully also some small action of acknowledgement… problems do exist! We can contribute into fixing them, or leave them aside for others to deal with. Its just a choice, you see, all that divides the first 3 circles from the outer ones, those we aren’t reminded every single day of, the choice to make is simple, answer this question for yourself: “Shall I consider those or not, alongside, my inner circles’ needs?”

What really matters, in my opinion, is what we, each one of us does to willingly contribute into his own personal upbringing, into the upbringing of his own family and the caring of the society he lives in. At the end of the day, that’s really all one can do.

No matter the disasters around, if I today help a homeless with some food, an old lady cross the street, treat myself with a cup of coffee from my favorite shop, bring my child to the park and play with him, try to be pleasant and kind with my coworkers, I will have succeeded today in making the UNITY I would like to see, happen, within my day. If I try also tomorrow and the day after, learning and growing into this skill of making UNITY happen within the inner circles of my reality, I will learn to do so for the outer ones too.

I will be tempted to learn how to differentiate rubbish, to re-cycle and up-cycle, to grow my own vegetables in the balcony of my flat, to shop for goods from small shops… to live a life in which solidarity expands within a sense of Unity I conquered inside my own heart, first.

To me this is the real revolution here, one that begins from inside, and turns you into an integral individual, a SUN, with his own growing awareness, steady progress… self-made methods and personal choices and observations.

All the rest… are just symbols: politics, economic theories, capitalism, communism… simply words to play with, interpreting them.

Act 3 _ Symbols

Nothing more than elevators, the direction of which you choose by pressing buttons, the floor below or the one above, depending on your perception of things. Symbols can be used to bring you further more quickly or to be hit irreversibly by.

However, the elevator’ door will open, eventually, and you will be there, standing, facing a corridor, one to walk on your own, either by holding on to your own sense of Unity, or not – but certainly not by a “Unity” on paper or by the symbols that guided you, along with others, to this one, or the other, corridor.



I am an Italian citizen living in Greece, this piece is inspired by the situation here, both political and social, and into closing this 3 act piece, I would like to say I am proud because this moment of such a symbolic nature is taking place in the country I live in. Its a statement, yet again, no matter the global perception that will prevail tomorrow, after the referendum has drown its results, I still believe its every single and distinct, unique perception that counts, and makes the difference. What matters is always what each of us, people not of Greece or Europe alone, but inhabitants of the Earth, are willing to do, to help ourselves and each other at once.

Thank you for reading.


True – Free – Love

Heart’s Flower


Slowly falling into the day,

Gently in its lap,


Every single time,


Blankets uncover newly grown


Disclose legs,

waving toes,

featuring footsteps and grasping hands.

From the Earth now erect.



Perception fails

Feeling stunned,

But this process is!

An outburst of life,



Brand new eyes,

Brand new ideas…


Brand new ways,

Brand new Worlds,


Alone and Joint

Distinct and Unified

Among other

Alone and Joint

Distinct and Unified


Enthusiasm in a new day starting.

Enthusiasm of a child

Everyday that goes by,

One step at the time.

Limbs, Heart and Head,

Torso and Spine!

Heart’s Flower


Friendship to me is the truer kind of love, lacking any kind of interest or material responsibility, purely meant for Companionship, Togetherness. Brotherhood, in other words said, and in my world, Real Friendship exists. This topic makes me feel a teenager again, so bare with me 30-40 & + year old readers, although I believe this subject is ageless non-the-less.

In a discussion with my dad just before Christmas, he advised me not to get fooled, that real friendship doesn’t exist, that I shouldn’t trust people so easily and so on. (I must have heard this from him about 1000 times, I am 35 by now, he’l never stop making me feel 15…) I cut it short in a sentence long indisputable truth: “I disagree, friendship exists, because I experienced it, thus it can be, thus is real.” I am very proud of that answer, meaning that if it can be in me, it can be outside me too, the fact that most people get mixed up, disappointed and confused within their relationships is irrelevant to the actual existence of friendship as a notion, it exists because we experienced the bond, for as long as we did or do. It lives within, in our souls.

Now, the expressions of this condition named friendship, can vary, and its exactly these expressions we – people – can’t agree upon, misinterpret, leading us to judging in favor or against the actual existence of friendship in an all together. But can we dispute the closeness that builds up among people?

The expression of a notion isn’t the notion itself. Denying the existence of friendship because one has experienced disappointment in that area, would be just like denying the existence of color because one doesn’t know how to paint with it!

What commonly happens is that we detect discrepancies in behavior, due to closeness it is easier to spot those, and then on decide “friendship” was called in vain. The reality of the things though is quite different, one cannot by observing the behavior of another, the expressions, detect with certainty weather friendship is actually there or not. Behavior and condition are two different and separate things. And people haven’t been always keen in improving their behaviors, improvement for human beings is a matter for survival, if a person therefore feels that he can hold on to an old behavior without much to lose, he will hold on to it. But here is the key, the loss isn’t always predictable!

Behavior/ Expression is the product of memory, the storage of experiences accumulated through the years, the history of impacts previously accounted for, which create and improve reaction to Spiritual stimuli. So, if the life of a person is full of sad moments and disappointments, you can’t surely expect of him or her to express his spiritual stimuli in the way one with less turmoil to account for, could. Yet again you can’t even judge what traumas might bring hasty behavior, or kind one, for it varies from one human being to another… so, why bother – in terms of friendship – to get into all that in the first place? Friendship isn’t psychotherapy, nor pity, friendship is being there to make someone you care for smile with you, feel the warmth you feel next to them. A whole creativity spear for sharing and feeling comfortable in each others company.

We endure into patterns that we are acquainted with, until we find better ways to express ourselves, friendship is a ground for expression too, through relating to others, and there are patters that we’ve built up, that we are acquainted with, in friendships as well, so does everybody else. We compare expressions, and this is totally wrong, because we all have very different stories from each other, thus express ourselves in different ways, have built different patterns! Can you compare a potato gateau to a cup of coffee? Why don’t we try to improve our own expressions instead of comparing ours to the ones of others? One thing is sure, less disappointment is guaranteed, for you shift interest from that of proving friendship existent or not, to proving YOU are a real friend! :-)

The notion of friendship is brought by the Spiritual world (the world of stimuli), the reaction to it, thus behavior/ expression is brought by the Physical/ Material world (the world of memory).

This is an important distinction because whilst it is true that we have got to live with and within the material expressions of ours, it is also true that we can’t deny the existence of the Spiritual inspiration igniting expression, and furthermore, we can’t even deny the plethora of choices the Physical world gives, for expression. In other words, we can’t deny either of them, we can only try to balance them to each other, through ourselves and for ourselves, each one of us for his own self, instead.

Once you stop questioning about what is fictitious, or idyllic as opposed to what is realistic by realizing all is possible since it lives within you. And disengage expression from routine, from the constant repetition of well known movements and gestures by trying something different. You try to evolve, to grow out of the well known, and move towards something more precise, more congruent to the Spiritual inspiration you are trying to materialize.

In other words, to make it simple, friendship exists, yet the question is: are we – people – ready to express ourselves through it? Instead of stopping at every challenge it brings, and deny it exists?


True, Free, Love

Heart’ Flower


A friend back in 2005 once told me something that stayed with me, he told me he couldn’t figure out if I was a trembling leaf or the breeze shaking it… very poetic, in many senses profound, and after many times I recalled his analogy, trying to give it meaning, trying to fit it in, and understand it, today I was given another chance to think of these words… In me they act a little like a key, unlock weird paths for my thinking processes, and it isn’t random when it happens that I recall them… but this isn’t the reason I am writing today, maybe some other day I will attempt an explanation, not today.

Yesterday in a gathering with very close and special friends, a question aroused: “What does awareness mean?”

The question stayed with us a little, but was then discarded and overcome by other lovely means for discussion, leaving it a bit in the air, maybe because we felt it too obvious to process or because the pizzas and the wine delivery became our priority, I don’t know. Yet again I didn’t forget the question, had it in my mind somewhere sitting and waiting for me to care.

Left late, got home, slept and woke up this morning with my usual eagerness to pick pen and paper and start writing my good morning pages. At some point into the sequence of writing-sipping coffee-puffing cigarette-thinking-adjusting on the chair etc, found myself daydreaming of the answer I could have provided through the analogy of the leaf and the breeze, and here it is what then evolved in writing:

“To me Awareness is the assertion, the observation of the process by which the breeze has an impact on the leaf, making it tremble. The understanding of the moments in which one acts more as breeze does on leafs, or as leafs do by trembling, due to an external breeze causing it. How much of each of these two states exists in one moment of life, because reality is we are both leafs and breeze shaking leafs at the same time. How much of what you act out is you and how much belongs to what rests outside you, the ability to distinguish the two, before assembling them into one, just before making the moment yours: an experience. And doing so, as you grow and move in all directions… Awareness is the knowledge of being you among potential parts of you at every step of the process of living. That finally results into choice, the choice of what to assimilate and what not, what to channel in and what to filter out. Forming in turn -after assimilation- the new awareness of what your grown self is and is not, keeping parts integral yet combined, knowing where they came from, watching them evolve, react, mutate…

Awareness is the monitoring of the detailed written algorithm a life succumbs to. Yet again, awareness isn’t the algorithm in itself, that algorithm is life, rather the ability to read it and hold all its length as a picture, in your mind.

Now, when at the beginning I mentioned the breeze-leaf analogy is a key opening weird paths to my thinking processes, that’s what I meant, how from breeze and leafs do we get to algorithms? But as I said, it will be for another time… :-D


True – Free – Love

Heart’ Flower

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