Message in a bottle…

Visions & Wishes

Have the vision of a World in which people understand the “Spirit” is ONE in common for all of Us. Where people understand “Spirituality” is only our personal expression or translation, of this common for all, Spirit. A World in which people consciously STOP themselves from fixating into the divergences amongst their expressions, and instead seek combination of their thoughts and methods, with the purpose of genuinely breeding a ground for peaceful expression and harmonious coexistence, without frontiers. For this reason: I wish our ability to combine things and self, at all levels of Being, to evolve in the desire for TOGETHERNESS in Thought and Action.


In other words…

I’m exploring my “bubble”, and through this, exploring the World, it is.

Its all about an image, I guess, the sensing, of a wonderful substance named “boundaries”.

Bubbles are meant to be enlarged not broken!

That’s why brutality, anger, war… is so futile, time-wasting and harmful, these bruise and trespass, abusing of the boundaries of everyone, but for what real reason?

The bubble eventually heals, if not damaged irreversibly, but in the mean time, we’ve wasted time otherwise used to expand, in the healing processes necessary for restoration. Never mind one can always find space to expand also whilst healing, when strong enough! If, however, the braking happens, there is death. Of course Death, as another level of being, exists, it happens naturally, but inducing death to yourself or other people, deprives you or them of the chance to experience the human prospective over wholeness, thus deprives wholeness of a part of its story.

Human visual angles in fact, are different from the immortal, exactly because humans are mortal. Thus, boundaries, what I call “bubble” or “organic spaceship”, exist for a reason. In life we expand this bubble and, without life, we become it… Space in between seen and perceived.

Again, why treat bubbles gently? Why work with them and not against them?

Do not want to break them, because they also protect us, keep us alive, and transport us around, within the form of life, we are experiencing now.

We feel restricted, but in reality boundaries are not restricting, they stretch, they accept as much space you are able to absorb. The sense we commonly name “restriction” is mistaken for imprisonment, space in which boundaries do not have flexibility, therefor, for a lack of freedom. In reality this restriction is only felt because you are sensing the need for stretching but do not yet know how to do it.

I’l now refer to the human body, and the physical boundary it has, which is skin. As a child grows, in age, also do his organs and bone structure, his skin stretches, enlarges, to keep all into him, intact. Why should a conceptual boundary work in any other way? Because its invisible to the human eye? …Everything expands, but if it expands too soon or too slow, the boundary will encounter flexibility problems and you’l need work to bring it back in shape, like when someone gains a few extra pounds, and then goes trough a diet, need workout to tone that skin, same applies to all other “skins”.

Stretching needs to be done steadily and slowly, a child at first cannot move properly, thus his boundaries are pretty narrowed, later, as he practices, learns to hold things, to walk… has expanded his boundaries a great deal already, later he is able to talk… practices other layers of skin, related to communication, later makes progress with his thinking processes and his memory… other layers there… all boundaries that stretch as he continues working with them.

Society in many ways interferes so to direct and lists boundaries’ expectation-growth by an approximate time schedule, giving first kindergarten, later primary school, secondary and so on till we find structures for working life, family life e.t.c. I’m not going to enter the large topic on how these structures are run, all over the world, endless discussions won’t solve problems in education and social order, my point is another: if who creates these structures can see boundaries enlarge with time, we all can! We all know where to we can get and when, we can work wisely with our boundaries, and keep on expanding, on so many levels… freedom, lives within these boundaries for the human being, the point of life is to experience what there is in it, in the bubble and to expand it freely and gently, as we grow.

The bubble expands and travels, still holding on, as a safety film around us, yet creating always more space for us, inside.

I could end this here, but its not all… Other bubbles expanding and travelling, all around, make sure to deform roundness whilst connecting with one the other… The contact surfaces become areas, forming prisms.

What makes the bubble move? …otherwise envisioned as the organic spaceship, what links these, to each other? What force binds them, making sure they flex and mold, without braking? From where I stand, my perspective tells me, is an engine, inside these bubbles, a magnetic force, a glue… transforming bubble particles into cells, ligaments, tissues… I call this force LOVE, creation and transformation magic, meanings… simple and complex, or simply flexing. What keeps us in motion towards each other, and finally together… is LOVE.

Some prefer the word Nothing, I prefer the word Love. Just different perspectives over wholeness, equally significant wording.


Heart’ flower



The Prism

Truth is

everywhere and always

nowhere and somewhere

or also somewhere else.


– if you manage to see it,

to conceive, to assimilate –

are equally significant parts

of the same creature

which reflect the whole,

from a visual angle.

Translated from the original Greek poem, wrote few days back…

Η Αλήθεια είναι
παντού και πάντοτε,
πουθενά και κάπου
ή και κάπου αλλού.


– Αν καταφέρεις να το δεις αυτό,

να το συλλάβεις, να το αφομοιώσεις –

Είναι εξίσου σημαντικά μέρει,

του ίδιου πλάσματος,

που καθρεφτίζουν το σύνολο του,

από κάποια οπτική του γωνία.




Heart’ Flower

Life in a bubble


…an organic spaceship

this bubble,

sensitive not blurry.

Like magnifying glass

when I need

help me see, spot clearly

what is happening.

My bubble is part of me

visible and invisible skin.

Physical and Spiritual boundaries.


Meant to both expand

by my hand

and keep me safe within.

The real thing,

my job is

to learn and work

with this… bubble


See there is reason in it

and steadily

yet kindly

also stretch it.

It is not to break free

it is… to gain an understanding

and a feel

of what it is

where it takes me

and why that might be,

the journey.

Make its substance flex

inch by inch

from inside

by gently pressing (exhale)

and retreat (inhale)

Observe the synergism…

Interactivity changes

constantly reshapes.

Truth is I am not ready

to wander in the vision of

complete freedom.

Otherwise I’l be dead


There will be

this certainty, some day.

What would life be without death



Guarantied, dead before lived.

Explore the painting

bit by bit

is what’s left for me.

Discover my rhythm

one I am more comfortable with.

In it a melody

mine to feel and sing.

Senses exist…

And my bubble



Many mine, my, me but what really is … just lives the sensing.

Heart’ Flower




Santa Claus

Few evenings back, after an afternoon spent together with friends, playing in the park till about 19.30, Chiara, a little 7 year old friend of my son’s, refused to get in the car and go home. She was having fun, didn’t want the evening to end, plus her little brother was sleeping at a friend’s that night and felt it was only unfair to her, she couldn’t do the same.

Her mom tried to tell the child it was time, Joe (my 6 years old) tried too, Maryanne… another friend of hers, and Joe’s dad – Mitch, they all tried to convince her to get in the car. Make her understand we were all going away and that we could arrange to meet again another day, but she persisted, running away, sitting on a bench, then on the grass, always further away from us, screaming: “Go! I’l stay here!”

I said: “It’s my turn to try!” Joe came along with me, asked if I could talk to her and she said yes, so I sat next to her, Joe stood besides us. She looked so sad that felt like embracing her… yet something else inside me said not to, so keeping a little distance, I started like this: “You know Chiara, your mom is quite tired, she thinks you two should head home now, and she is sad because you two don’t feel the same way!” And I know that technically what I said could have produced some guilt-trip or something, I could have said it differently, but the vibe wasn’t aimed at producing anything of the sort. Chiara’s eyes were full of tears and begun describing me how she felt, so I learnt she sleeps in the same room with her younger brother, and that night her brother would be away so she was scared of the chance she’l wake up in the middle of the night only to realize he wasn’t next to her, as she would expect!

I could have tried to make it “alright”, comfort her and say: “don’t you worry, your mom will be there!” but I didn’t do that, I felt the need to know more about her room, and asked her: “Do you have a night lamp in your room or sleep in the dark?” And answered me she indeed has one and that is blue, wrapped with little Christmas lights all around. She showed me how tall this lamp is, how wide, I could practically see it, her description was formidable! But was caught by the Christmas lights she mentioned because also me and Joe have Christmas lights at home, although it isn’t Christmas time any longer.

Joe took over the conversation and described how we not only have Christmas lights but also the tree, that we keep it lit and decorated all through the year until few days before Christmas day, when we remove all the ornaments put them in a box along with some new handmade ones and on Christmas Eve, Santa, magically comes and decorates the tree for us!

Chiara suddenly put her hand into mine, just like that, the discussion went on about this Christmas gift Joe got from Santa, the wooden train and the Santa vest for him to wear and bring gifts to the refugee camp’ children, to the grandparents and aunts…

“Yes – I said – The magic and beauty in Santa Claus isn’t all about receiving gifts, but also about giving them, there is great excitement and pleasure in it!” And an idea came: “Do you still have the Christmas tree at home Chiara?” And Chiara said “Yes! In the living-room”…”Perfect! Why don’t you sleep next to the Christmas tree tonight?” It seamed quite odd to her and funny, she smiled! But I was serious: “You know Chiara, all year round, Santa Claus keeps doing his magic in the house!” She lost me there: “How?”…”Well! You see how Santa Claus is all about making and delivering gifts for the people to rejoice receiving them, right? – she nodded at me – OK! When mom prepares meals in the kitchen and serves them ready at the table, what are they, if not gifts? …When you and your brother play happily, your smiles, those are gifts too, to everyone around watching!” She seamed relieved, to my eyes, longing to hear words that could soften her inside, make her warm, I could sense she felt better.

A little later, after Joe invited her to come at the party he is planning to have at the “Chocolate Factory”, where they’l bathe in the chocolate fountain (Joe’s dream – not happening) she laughed explicitly adding: “Yes! And after bathing we’l dry ourselves licking our arms and legs!”. I stood up: “Its time to go now!” And Chiara was ready and we all went our separate ways, with no pressure, promising to call each other the next morning to share stories of the dreams had under our trees!

I guess some might say it is improper to speak of Santa, since he “doesn’t exist”, but lately I tend to disagree… Sure! The form, the shape, the imagery that comes with Santa because of the movies, the books and all, might not be true, but… “Santa Claus” is just a symbolic figure, a name that represents “pleasure in sharing”, and this pleasure is true, it exists everywhere all around the globe, at every time of the year, and this much is proven by every smile, every embrace, every tenderness you, me, anyone witnesses and experiences… In this sense, Santa helped me and Joe on that evening. Was there sharing pleasantly that moment with Chiara, and is also here sharing it with you today!

Thank you Joe and Santa for helping me, help Chiara… :-)

And thank you, for reading!

Heart’ Flower


The only other person

that can accept me

as I am NOW, as we speak,

ask no question,

neither seek

giving or taking anything…

Know my being is enough as is…

And be with me…

Is my son,

a 6 years old Kid!

In children there is Therapy.

I search for kids

inside all the grown up people

I meet.

If not to a Kid,

whom to

could I reveal,

and thy see…

the Child in me?


Heart’ Flower



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