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Visions & Wishes

Have the vision of a World in which people understand the “Spirit” is ONE in common for all of Us. Where people understand “Spirituality” is only our personal expression or translation, of this common for all, Spirit. A World in which people consciously STOP themselves from fixating into the divergences amongst their expressions, and instead seek combination of their thoughts and methods, with the purpose of genuinely breeding a ground for peaceful expression and harmonious coexistence, without frontiers. For this reason: I wish our ability to combine things and self, at all levels of Being, to evolve in the desire for TOGETHERNESS in Thought and Action.



Problems in societies arise when “organisation” claims of knowing better than people themselves, what people’s needs are and how to solution them. Human need is determined by every and each situation alone and there isn’t one that is the same. Precedent cases, similar, exist but every and each case has its own particular circumstances. Problems in societies arise when organisation becomes a vest to force human beings into, at any cost, even when it clearly is too tight or too loose for either a few, some, many or a lot!

Rules, made out for other centuries, other societies, other situations, can be a stepping stone to respect and learn from, but cannot fit today’s World by word, because today’s World features discoveries that did not exist before, we need to experiment and update constantly! Organisation should be tailored to fit situations… Not the other way round!

It’s not surprising that technology evolves quickly, it does so because it links its existence to “need”. Because it updates all the time to service better functionality… Regardless the question of whether technology itself is really needed for human existence or not, once established, its evolution follows this very simple question: WHAT DOES IT NEED TO IMPROVE ITS FUNCTION?

Systems should function and evolve like mobile phones do or like software… Because organisation in reality is a tool designed by people to help people find solutions to their needs. Organisation is a needed tool in human coexistence for as long as it is flexible, otherwise it becomes an obstacle to resolution of needs and a tool for creating further PROBLEMS!

Yet we need more time to understand this simple notion – time – that will cost much more many lives!

And for as much as I understand how sad this story is, how asphyxiating and painful, I also understand how STUPID we all are for being afraid of a DRESS… Of the system as it is, that prevents us from being who we are… Just like kids are afraid of ghosts and do not open the cupboard, do not look under the bed, do not walk alone to the bathroom even though they really want to try.

BUT Systems only exist because there are people out there insisting to abide, obey and reinforce those. Yet, in any given situation both the actors and the “judges” are people! Situations evolve and involve Eyes of people that have the ability to see, Mouths of people that have the ability to speak, Ears of people that have the ability to hear, many more body parts but also Hands of people that have the ability to stop genocides! To stop torture! To STOP violence! To STOP atrocities – PREVENT harm – PROTECT PEOPLE.


The above mentioned EXIST, body parts and their functions exist! What for are we sparing them from being? Our brains can think, what for are we sparing those from questioning? Our hearts can feel, what for are we sparing those from LOVING?

If we are not here for using all the organs we are blessed enough to have, what for are we here in the first place???

… Listening to the NEWS on TV is not a good enough answer for me!


Heart’ Flower

Children of All

In the cold, in the snow

In the frozen soul of a child…

Gone adult before its time

There is an ardent fire

keeping him safe to breathe

A heart that pumps blood, still.

Seek to find warmth within,

– Children of War –

Seek to find the smile that lives

despite and beyond disappointment and dishonesty.

Desire to live!

You are the hope of Clean

The eyes of thy

who lost once, now search the route to Peace.

You are the guidance,

the Light, the moving energy.

I follow you, my Angels,

wherever that might take me.

And on my path,

I’m not leaving anything as is,

transform it all

through the impact of your teachings!


Heart’ Flower


The Land of the Heart

As the counting had, on previous day just revealed the next American President, voted and lawfully elected to guide many millions of the inhabitants of this Earth… In a tiny little spot of this planet, on the other side of the globe, in Greece… Athens, in a section of the “Ellinikos” old airport – to be exact – live 300 refugee children, from Afghanistan, aged 1 to 18.

Their shelter is an abandoned building, the former arrivals terminal, now unused and left to fall apart for more than a decade. In July 2016 there were 2000 people living in this building, of which around 900 were children. Many have left since, having found better shelters for themselves, some really lucky ones might have crossed borders, been awarded asylum in other European countries. Yet the ones that remain, live in tents for an year now, on the upper floor of this building. An external rusted metallic staircase takes them down to what once was the parking lot of the airport… broken glass, cement, rubbish, and a full-speed highway is what the surrounding view provides, among other things.

This is just one of the small official camps created in Greece, run by the Government, to shelter the thousands of refugees of WAR that since 2015 kept arriving on Greek shores, to save themselves from bombs and terror.

I am grateful to the government of this country, for the choice to protect these fellow human beings from deportation, even though Greece wasn’t prepared nor had the funds or expertise to take care of such a crisis. Most of the Government’ employees and NGOs involved and allowed to work on behalf of the government, don’t know how to take proper care of the traumas of people that experienced extreme violence, lost their homes to bombings, were threatened, saw relatives being tortured and executed before their eyes and so much more. They try though, to cover basic needs, such as nutrition, hygiene, asylum procedures, security and legal issues… And this is already a large engagement, considering the massive economic problems Greece is facing… this country is broke… Bankrupt… basically.

Yet, the arrival of these people in the country I live in, in my opinion, IS AN HONOR!


Refugees from all over the World have been the Currier of and insist delivering this “NO MORE WAR – NO MORE VIOLENCE” message for ages to people of the West. To US who don’t live similar realities anymore, and that maybe have forgotten to actually study our own country’s history, at school, for something more than scoring “A’s” on mnemonic tests.

Remembering the year and exact day of a naval battle, isn’t what a student should be attending a history lecture for. If we ask our grandparents about their experiences, and the experiences of their ancestors, what they tell us, is more about the actual feelings and the spirit with which they managed to survive World Wars and other events. Real history is about those who, having managed to survive, can tell us what happened… is about people and their feelings and stories about how they managed to protect themselves and one the other, to SAVE one the other… Rather than headlines such as “the winners-the losers-the battles-the kings-the queens-the army-the weapons”…

History lectures, on the contrary, mostly concentrate on the “technicalities”… Who won, Who lost, When did the fight happen, What countries were involved, what were the interests at stake, was it a racial issue, a religious one… An economic one? In all this encyclopedic learning we miss to learn about the people, the children, the emotions flowing in the populations we think we are studying. We aren’t studying them, in fact, because we neglect the actual images of their past, the heart of the events. We have been trained to remember headlines, names, numbers, dates… not emotions, so it becomes hard to understand a message, to feel it, experience it’s wisdom and finally respect the source that brought it to your doorstep, even when it is blatantly shouted in your face!

I started volunteering as an Art/play therapy teacher in another camp, at the Piraeus Port. Was there with the children every Wednesday, from beginning of March to late July this year, when it was cleared. The Piraeus Port camp was an unofficial site sheltering about 5000 people, from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, e.t.c. In the camp I met other volunteers, one was Belle, she had come from California, she built a platform for volunteers to connect and join, brought in a container for us to store our materials, created an on-line tutorial for “Trauma informed care” as of her field of study, created Code of Conduct and finally, called the project: The Schoolbox Project.

Independent volunteers from all over the World, including me, joined the Schoolbox Project, to offer children a school environment, a shelter, a safe-play area, with a stable timetable and a flexible program of activities depending on availability of teachers and field of knowledge, given the fact all volunteers came on leave from work, or on vacation times, to help with the situation here, all at our own expenses (I need to also mention here the great support of private personal donations made to us with trust and love at heart).

I am also a member of another organization, a Greek NGO, Center for Research and Action for Peace, whose responsible, Fotini, is a dear friend of mine, a teacher and counselor to me. In June, when threats of camp closure in Piraeus started becoming imminent, made contact with both Fotini and Belle and agreed to apply together, for permission to move our little school to an official camp: Ellinikos, where kids had absolutely no school project running since November 2015, when their camp opened. Applications in official camps take ages to be processed by the Ministry and dealt with, but we still tried.

And… WE MADE IT! We were granted permission to take care of these children, finally, in October 2016 (after much bureaucracy, waiting, hoping and praying).

So, now I can return to this one week, its the 2nd week of lessons at the Schoolbox in the premises, the new American President gets elected, on the 8th and 9th the counting of the votes shows results on all TV channels and radio stations, there is nothing else to speak about. On the 10th everyone I know is like frozen, shocked, worried… about what this man will do… Frozen and scared for the possible Wars that might follow, for racist episodes and violence likelihood to rise… the shock is global, because the matter doesn’t only concern American citizens, but the whole of the World’s social balance and political scene.

It’s the 10th of November, on Thursdays I coordinate the school schedule, time is 10.00a.m., have a meeting with fellow volunteers to study and structure the day with the kids, we are to start lessons at 11.00 a.m. Have quite a big plan for the day’s activities and ask my colleagues to help me with it, and as a big portion of the population on Earth “freezes in shock” I realize my attempt is to accomplish the exact opposite… to warm up a tiny little group of fairly new to what we are doing, people, with one special power… the power of the Heart.

Our school is located in the old airport’ parking lot, facing the arrivals terminal, constituted of 2 office style containers, where one is used as a classroom and the other as storage space for now. These containers are positioned to form an “L” shape, and the asphalt surface in between, we dressed with a grass carpet, that’s our garden.

Further down the school, more asphalt, today I thought of using it for something special… at the 10.00 o’clock meeting a volunteer in the team tells us he is studying to become an engineer, he offers to help with a design on the floor, of a circular linear pattern. He did that for us, with colored chalks, during 1st indoor art lesson. Later kids and volunteers all joined the design, drawing another linear pattern departing from the circular shape and going all the way to our little artificial garden.


The sight isn’t anything grand, just some colored lines on gray asphalt, and yet it is enough, in reality we don’t even need those lines, but it makes it intriguing and playful, so we gather at the circular chalk shape, and tell a story: “This circle is our island, all around there is sea, we light a fire in the middle of the island and warm our hands… we dance, play, sleep, have good times here… but at some point, we start craving to see what is out there and decide to go for an exploration…” With the help of music, on a cellular phone and a small speaker, we dance following the pattern that takes us to the garden, making at least 30 turns around ourselves in dancing rhythm and getting pretty dizzy.

A volunteer from Poland, another 3 from Germany, one other from the Dominican Republic, one more from Kazakhstan, me from Italy, another Greek and the Afghan children, residents of the camp, reaching the garden, all lay down to relax on the grass. A minute later a 10 years old boy, says: “I want to go back to the Island now!” but I have plans for the garden, and reply: “We’l go back! But let’s take a breath first!” To which he replied: “I am not tired!” So I looked at him and said: “Ok! Shall we first thank the sky  we reached the garden safely, and then go?” He agreed.

Music and “laying down dancing” happened outstretching arms and feet to the sky, sounds with tapping and fast rubbing of the artificial grass, screaming, and then dancing turns on the pattern that took us back… to the island. We sat, relaxed, closed our eyes, listening to music and clapping at its rhythm, we freely danced in the circle too, holding hands and smiling at each other, we made this happen TOGETHER!

This island I now want to reveal to you, represents the Heart, the Land of the Heart, a land that has space for everyone, Together, not apart! Warming us up, with little, close to nothing, and the help of the Sun.

I welcome whoever is now frozen, scared of what is to come, to draw or even simply visualize this circle, gather one of his own, with people known or unknown, all holding hands, even in public parks… Because truly, if there is anything that can save us all, it is the combination of our hearts, the Land of the Heart… filling with warmth, every worried sick, frozen corner of our minds.

This is the Truth, a truth that lives within us already, and our job is to bring it outside and keep it pumping energy, keep it alive, also in between us, not only within us! Every single person can do this job, in his own unique way, from wherever, with whoever. Each way is perfect, for as long as it is given with Love, shared with others and made to happen!

Heart’s Flower

The Rose

Saw a rose, an orange/ red rose, passed by it in a cold and cloudy morning… At the side of the street.

And thought …

That is why the strong sun allows clouds to cover it up…

It lets suns on Earth shine out of their own light…

Before recharging them anew.
Heart’s Flower


What shapes do birds’ flight leave behind?

If I could draw their lines…

What would I see,

On the Page of this Sky?

A music book, could be

When birds fly in echelon…

Someone preparing an instrument

Somewhere not too far from me

It could mean.

And if it were an empty box?

Where echoes can bounce timelessly…

A child shouting in…

And the walls of the music box, repeat!

Nothing is lost, stopped


All in a process,

Learning to exist.

Does smell make a sound?

Echoing in the nose and down to the mouth?

Distracted momentarily by the cooking of an experiment marmalade…


The kitchen echoes smells,

The music box echoes sounds,

The birds’ flight echoes lines… In the sky.

No dismissals,

Just sides to life

We forget at times.

Heart’s Flower 🌸


I feel drained…

I am empty right now

no more energy

an empty shell

no crab inside.

But how empty is really, this emptiness I feel inside of me?

What have I consumed and what have I left cave?

What is it like, this cave shape of mine?

Do I have a shape?

I feel empty, but I can still manage to fill your lines with words… Ups contradiction!

I feel empty, but my shoes are filled, pumped with feet… Ups contradiction again!!

I feel empty, but frankly getting comfortable with this,

so I ask,

Where within my emptiness does Comfort live?

Do I make any sense???

I have a supposition to suggest,

What if “empty” was a term, used to describe a vaporous substance,

one that cannot be grabbed…

Whose processes transform solid energy

into an aerial form of it.

And leading on from this line of thought, I suppose again,

when refilled… hasn’t one actually accomplished the opposite,

that is, to transform Aerial into Solid, restoring it to full functionality?

And so I ask anew, if we do know how to both

empty and fill… fill and empty

Why is it that science, the notorious human way to explain everything,

hasn’t yet found the way to do the same?

Knowing well the mechanisms used to disintegrate but yet missing out

in succeeding to reintegrate,

rebuild a solid, fully functional, restored wholeness.

What is the missing particular?

Can I take a quick guess without being judged for rushing?

Could it be “SLEEP”?

Could it be that Sleep solidifies what has previously been brought to a vaporous state, thus worn out?

And what does Sleep mean, in the profound, the symbolic and the physical?

I’l let you know of my findings, in time,

when I will manage to become conscious of them,

right now I just know I have them,

because all is here, all the answers and the questions

all the ways to change, unlock mind-circuits,

placate drama and PAIN,

live joyfully and in harmony with each other…

the extraordinary triggers and keys are all here,

waiting to be found and honoured,

even when we prefer looking on other directions.


Heart’ Flower









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