Father of the mind,

Daughter of the soul,

Goddess of us all…


What are you going to do with us today?

“Think a little more,

            Speak some words of yours,

                        Love what’s there to love… again?”


But you, my dear Animal,

You my dear body and father

of the greatest adventures of my life…

“You I have to prize,

            You I have to Love,

                        To you I have to speak!”


And then again I’l find myself:

Me, lost in the confusion of this world,

You, who I do not know anymore …

Because I haven’t understood

The power of the beauty I carry inside,

The beauty being the beast of my dreams

And my dreams being the reality of the things…


“Now I speak and I don’t say,

            Everything implied,

                        Everything in the mind.”


But I do not want to chain the beast,

Whilst I want my dreams to be the reality of the things,

And nobody can keep directing my Goddess,

And nobody can force my father into a cage…


“I am taking the strings,

            My carriage has wings,

                        I am flying away from these dreams.”


As these dreams are not mine

And I don’t want theirs…

As mine are there for me to find.


So now I will say what to do with ME today:

“It’s not US I’l lead away,

            It’s not love I’l give today,

                        Nor words or thoughts…”


I will be me

and this is all!


Youth poem

from the collection “Little thoughts… Little loves”

March 1998

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