Wonderful peaceful morning & I don’t know why, but listening to Jovanotti singing makes me feel right today, it’s wonderful, it brings me back in time, to my teenager-ages! 🙂

Being a teen is beautiful, is so full of … ideas, zealous, passion, perceptions & misconceptions, the love that will be forever, pure and genuine, big words that yet don’t hurt for it’s the very first times you hear them, & it’s sweet, the sound of them is sweet, the meaning too, for back then you believed them all, it’s irrelevant that they changed along the way, irrelevant that they turned in tears soon after. What’s important is that they were implied & said because they were felt, no doubt about that…

Later on in life, grownups, still speak big words, but this time around in the consciousness these words will be soon proved to be “half-truths” even lies, what you have previously learnt on how this system works, makes it more difficult to believe, to trust, so … if you do get caught by big words, in older age, you immediately turn into a fool, or a dreamer… But for the teens, this rule doesn’t apply, all is fine, all is good, whatever you feel is a blessing, although sometimes painful, whatever you think of, is a blessing too!

It used to be easier to affirm conditions in the teen-ages, you could easily say: “I will die if you leave me!” And you believed that for real… & there is a sense of tenderness, isn’t it? In that affirmation! So, going back in time, to when mistakes weren’t mistakes, to where everything is allowed & justified or at least justifiable, relaxes, calms you down… feels warm like a transparent hug that wraps around your shoulders, kindly.

The realization strikes: “you had time off responsibility once in your life”, for a bit, at least & although personally I wouldn’t go back, it still brings a smile to my face to be thinking of those times!

When – by now – your child gets to cry for love… for the very first time, in his what? 14th – 15th year of age, you would really like to smile at him, to smile that genuine and tender smile you can now reserve for such instances & begin your storytelling to him, but of course he will feel you don’t take his pain seriously enough, so what you as a parent instinctively do is to swallow the smile and give out a serious-like face instead, you have to save the storytelling of your teen experiences, every little nostalgic yet sweet memory, for later, when he will grow up… But in this “saving for later” there is the same exact sweetness that also exists in the teenager’s falling in love, in the teenager’s passion, a sweetness that makes you want to thank your child for bringing you back in time, even if just for a moment, making you want to drift into your memories for a minute since unable to share them with him, changing – completely- your busy mood, setting you into a lighter environment, one made for the space you still reserve inside for those times, for the memories of the past…

BLESSINGS TO THE TEENS & an apology, for we “steel” their energy from time to time, so to bring back to life a hologram of what we once were! Hoping they won’t be angry at us – the cheeky little thieves, hoping they will have always plenty to keep & to give! 🙂

So, I believe a kind of suggestion comes out of this dream-state I’ve got today, and it’s not for the teens, rather for the grownups they live with.

Instead of rushing taking teens out of their dream worlds, by telling  them it’s all an illusion that soon fades away, speaking the very probable end of the movie before they had a chance at seeing the movie themselves, you could join your kid into this dreamland, gaining some inspiration, some wise smile on your face, to accompany you for a day or two, turning the day at work much more pleasant, a night next to a Cancer patient filled with memories to share, before the inevitable happens!

In other words, take some energy from where it springs & put it where it’s needed, misplace it, or simply move it around & you will suddenly get a feeling of freshness, exactly as it happens when you rearrange furniture in your home. In the meantime, don’t forget this energy isn’t yours, alone, but everybody’s & that the more you get to share it, the more it doubles!!

Be giving these smiles that spring from the memories of yours to other people too, because interaction works this way, you see? And when you give a moment of beauty away, another beautiful moment comes your way, maybe in the form of a story you hear. The Cancer patient you are looking after could decide to share with you the memory of his first love story & the energy you firstly divided amongst you and him, all over sudden doubles up for he shared a memory back!

Energy is very flexible, a little like clay, can be shaped freely as you like, plus it’s not defined by weight, that’s why it’s so magical to use, it fits everywhere and it expands and shrinks to fill in the shapes you put it in, in this sense its similar to water too!

However, the problem isn’t the lack of it, rather the lack of knowledge on how to use it! The fear of using it, maybe also the skepticism on whether it’s really there or not, but reality is that either you believe it exists or not, either you name it energy or simply a good dead, it still works… 😉

So if your goal is to bring smiles into your everyday living, use the words you feel more comfortable with and try not to turn this message into a dispute, please, since you could just as well choose for it to be an idea! Seeing it as such, you would lose less time before assessing this idea worth processing or not, in your own mind. But just so you know, if I did manage to convince you not to start dwelling about words or about philosophical positions, through this reading, it actually means you too have the strength to shift what I here name “energy”, around, to misplace it and rearrange it, bringing peace a step closer to the Flower in your Heart!


The Heart’s Flower


L 🙂 ve

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