1. The King and Queen

Priceless was the daughter of King Universe and Queen Infinity, this couple was by far the most successful and loving Royal family of all times. The people living in their Kingdom felt secure with them watching over. In fact, during their ruling no wars or disasters had ever been accounted for.

Only one problem had occurred, of what the elders remember, at the very beginning of their story… When King Universe married Queen Infinity, the King renamed the land after the Queen, to honor her, in a gesture of respect and devotion, however some argued the land’s name had to remain “Universe” instead, like King Father had baptized it long before and after which he was named, at birth.

King and Queen never argued about it, to them it felt the same, but so to restore the peace amongst the citizens of the Kingdom, they finally settled for: “Infinite Universe” as the new name of their land. This was a brilliant idea, it was welcomed with cheers of great excitement by all inhabitants, but most of all, best effect this choice brought was that people stopped arguing about their land’s name and begun focusing on more important matters, like the cultivation and production of beautiful plants, the eco-friendly construction of housing working endlessly on the possibilities for combination of man to the surrounding nature without the need for spoiling the latter… The inhabitants’ job was to put ideas on the table and bring them to life, there were no taxes to pay, no fees, all wealth was regarded as everybody’s, to use and to share.

Infinite Universe was a sort ofParadiseon Earth for all its inhabitants; tell me who wouldn’t want to live in one such Kingdom?

Always more people were coming over, literally begging for a little piece of this “delicious living” pie, and both King and Queen never denied requests of citizenship, providing all new comers swore loyalty and respect to the sharing mentality and the peaceful togetherness of this community!

The Princess’ birth was a big event in the Kingdom, when she was delivered all citizens were invited in the palace to celebrate, everyone was introduced to the little smiling baby, all queuing up as to hold her in their arms for a minute and speak a blessing.

This land, Infinite Universe, was a happy place, the land of Grace, contempt and joy… till the inevitable day came, 15 years after the Princess’ birth, when Queen Infinity and King Universe, too old to rule their land, delivered their duties to their only daughter: Priceless!

People begun worrying and panicking: “What is it going to be of our future? The Princess is too young, what does she know of ruling a whole country? How could she ever manage to protect us from invaders? To guide us?”

King and Queen tried to calm the turmoil and confusion gathering all the inhabitants in theForestto speak of their worries and in the meantime walk through the most beautiful sights in their land. To observe, admire and relax.

Listen to me – said the King – as you well know, both me and the Queen are near the end of our lives, we aren’t frightened by death, we will soon unite with Earth, our land will hold our bodies, and we will become the soil You will cultivate, like our ancestors became the soil We cultivate. The Princess is the one who will follow us, in this great path… a road that through the years, the centuries, has travelled us to all the dark shades of Man and now finally into the light ones, from Wars and Conquests, from Greed and Envy to the present state of being… You, my dear followers, are the living proof that a World without boundaries, bound by care, can exist! It wasn’t easy to reach this point, it still isn’t easy to go further ahead, but Princess Priceless can guide you in this quest. We could take you so far, she will take you beyond that… believe me…” – he stopped for a minute to give a quick glance to the pale, scared faces ahead of him, when the Queen spoke: “Some of you might think the Princess is too young to take on such a responsibility, but I tell you it’s exactly what her age can teach you, her pure soul, that you need, so to carry on this path… For this reason, you must treat her as your own child; after all, we did raise her together, didn’t we?

She is the heritage we leave you with, please take good care of her and let her take care of your souls too! We never lied to you, so have faith in what we predict for the future, your future!”

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