Angel to Angel

 “Una notte a Napoli,

Con la luna ed il mare

ho incontrato un angelo

Che non poteva/voleva  piu` volar […]”

Inspired by “Una Notte a Napoli” – Pink Martini


Angel to Angel



Is it, that

The Angel couldn’t fly,

or that the Angel wouldn’t fly?”


“If the Angel wouldn’t, it means much more!”



can see the difference,

I guess

The Angel stays because of a choice,

Not because it has no other choice…”


But if the Angel both could

And would fly

With you…

Could you want that kind of ride?

Would your wings go wide?

Could it be …

Angels seek Angels

At the end

Not knowing it


Would it be …

Before their eyes

Hidden in their thoughts

Their breaths



Heart’ Flower


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