Want and Need

You see? I grow and that’s my choice, my responsibility, my life!

Now, I could choose to do it in any other way,

But I very simply don’t want that…

I want to be me,

I want to hope,

I want to be a mother to my child,

And I want to work long tiring hours to manage that,

I want to create endlessly and

To Love what’s there to sincerely and truly enjoy.

I want to be free in doing that

Not forced and bound to it.

I want to question and challenge my brain every day.

I want to water my plants,

And fill walls with colors and shapes.

I want to be constantly inspired by all that lays around,

But only give what I create…

What I understood and made conceptually mine,

Through an experience in life.

I want to conquer my own heart,

And share it with the Moon and the Sun

To be a friend of my Mom and Dad.

I want lovers to treat me right,

Like Sea, the Sand.

And Pages to sit on my lap every morning

For the rest of this timeline.


If you read it again, placing “NEED” where “WANT” is, it reads the same!

… And here is why:

There is always so much confusion as regards what is truly needed as opposed to what is simply wanted, but if you try, you’ll find that in every single need rests a demand, and in every single demand (want) there is a need, a genuine one. So, it’s not necessary to go too far to find answers, when puzzled and mixed up, try to find the midway in between need and want, the matter of them both, the balancing point, and all you want and need, magically turn the same, for they come undressed and only bare the matters at hand.

You will see, need stops needing and want stops wanting… all the nude requests of yours reveal, is your path: who you are!

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