You can do magic!

When I got involved into the study of “contraries”, was stroke by this question: “What is the matter of both Masochism and Sadism?”

Well, I was observing people and their tendencies, amongst other met people who predominantly loved to receive pain, and people who loved to inflict it. Most of them didn’t even realize they were literally feeding on it, they lived the abuse of themselves and others and didn’t want to get out of it, allowing themselves all sorts of excuses so to carry on a certain style of living. That is why I came to think they loved, deep inside, their conditions.

Masochist, the ones who love receiving pain, for it gives them pleasure, and Sadists, the ones who love inflicting it, for it also gives them pleasure.

I am not analyzing here what kind of pain they feel nor what kind of pleasure they get, rather just the matter: PAIN.

In my study I saw that if you take out, omit the action, therefor “receiving” in one case and “inflicting” in the other, you are left with one word: PAIN… So, realized that masochism and sadism are opposites in direction (give-receive) but similar in matter (pain).

Lets carry on though, felt I could dig deeper and asked: “What is the opposite of Pain?” Answered: “It could be Joy”

Now let’s define these two in a very simple way:

Pain – emotion that Hurts

Joy – emotion that Soothes

… Again, take the action away, “Hurting” and “Soothing” and you have the matter: EMOTION.

Let’s rest on this for a minute, let’s observe and channel this thought, going deeper into it: Could everything, all the definitions, all the words we use, the feelings they produce, be working just like the particles of an Atom do? Charged with a direction?

Could the directions be compared to the + (positive) charge of  Protons and the  – (negative) of Electrons?

Could we see beyond the charge and into the matter?

Could we channel energy, letting it flow freely, not minding the charge but simply cruising the matter, exploring it, as if we were the Neutrons within the Atom?

And ultimately, if we do take the directions away, and we focus on the matters instead, can we accomplish anything valuable for our everyday living?

Could we free our souls of prefabricated and predefined conceptual complexes, of social standards, and rather make a step ahead into understanding ourselves, our feelings, our cravings? The ones of others?

The roots behind them all?

Ok, of course I don’t know the answers to these questions, but what I know is that understanding the simple process by which opposites only oppose each other in direction – not matter, helps me connect with the World and deal with many of my problems.

Don’t think I risk a state of “numbness” towards what I experience and see of the World, because actually I get more angered and disappointed now, than what I used to before, for it has all become so vivid to me, that – in a sense – it’s like I’m witnessing my very own open body – head to toe – surgery, with no anesthetic, but, when feeling anger, despair, disappointment… at least I now know of being experiencing some directions of the same matter and have the chance to change these directions, for myself, with simple and plain “wishful thinking” in its real and not metaphoric sense, that is by wishing to do that!

This isn’t a complex and difficult thing to accomplish, actually it’s an easy and playful thing to do: firstly you lay ahead the controversy (e.g. Pain v Joy) , define the opposites, take out direction and concentrate on the matter, in this case: Emotion.

So, what is Emotion, if not our ability to feel?

I am personally bound to automatically connect it to something positive, because it’s an extraordinary ability we are exploring for centuries and still haven’t managed to even minimally understand and structure.

The abyss it constitutes, for me, no matter how many times I’ve been sad in my life, makes it really difficult to think negatively about it, so… concentrate on your ability to Feel.

You are a human being, You feel and You don’t want to go on feeling Angry, or Disappointed, for instance… Lets take this last one:

Disappointment as opposed to (must give it its opposite) Satisfaction, what are they?

Disappointment: the realization something doesn’t go the way you wish and want, as opposed to

Satisfaction: the realization something goes the way you wish and want… gosh! It’s all about REALIZATION, what is realization?

Realization is a discovery, Discovery??? Uhauu, all over sudden I feel I’m an Indiana Jones discovering treasures in my planet, within myself! 🙂

As an Indiana Jones how could I rest into disappointment? Haven’t I got the map to my treasure? Haven’t I reached it yet…

Than again, the matter is being the Indiana Jones I just found out I am, the treasure comes next!

Omit the direction and you are left with the matter, now, in my opinion (and not only), matter and energy are the same thing, take therefore Energy, free it of charge, undress it of charge, and give it a new life!

Give it the amount of charge you want to give it, even the energy that exists into Anger can be transformed and put into good use, transforming it, for instance, into an Echoing song to discharge in the woods, liberating and who knows… you might even become the next most cherished rock star!

Learn to concentrate on “Matter” and then all you need is to choose how to charge it all over again, but this time around, charging it in a way that’s not harmful to you, hopefully neither to others!!!!!

P.S. Above you’ll see a fraction of a Meditative process, maybe abstract and not in the higher English I could use, but that’s besides the point, concentrate on the MATTER and transform it in whatever you please, just like I transformed myself into an Indiana Jones and turned all my disappointments irrelevant to my focus: GROWTH! You have the power to lead your life, to become the vehicle for your soul to go forth and never stop, and this is too exiting as to stay back and simply watch! Take the ride! That’s my advice, for as much as it counts! 🙂


The Heart’ Flower

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