Where opposites meet…

A Journey within, through the use of Analogy

I’d like to suggest an experiment today; I’ll walk you through it, and speak the experiment on myself, but who of you wants to, can simply follow the outline of this reading, answer the questions I refer to, disregarding my answers. Using this as a compass for a mind journey of his very own! 🙂

Bear in mind this is a journey within!

Spoke of Need and Want before, how the two hold parts of each other, how, for instance, “Want to care” holds a “Need to care” just like the opposite is also true. But:

What is Want?

What is Need?

Use Analogy, using it helps you relax and forget about the lack of confidence in matters of language, there are millions of ways to describe and define a word… for instance, I’d go for this:

“Need is what water is to plants and Want is what fertilizer is to them”.

The “Plant” here is the Matter whereas Water and Fertilizer are the directions this matter follows (see “You can do Magic” or “Want and Need” for a more detailed explanation on my use of the words “Matter” and “Direction”). And although for the vegetable kingdom we could leave it to that, our target is to understand more, learn, maybe even come to terms with our Needs and Wants (or is that too much to ask of ourselves? 🙂 ) so, let’s bring it back to the “human” environment:

What does the plant stand for, in the human context? Human life: You!

What could Water be analogically compared to in the human world? Could it be… Oxygen?

And Fertilizer? Food, maybe?

Automatically, we have that: “Need is our Oxygen, Want is our Food”

Where “Our” stands for US, Humans, the Human form. Concentrate on Human form (the matter) and ask:

“What is my Human form?”

Let’s define that, what is it made of? What are its constituents?

You may think this is all too structured and mathematical for your liking, but I can ensure you it will go bizarre in about 5 seconds from now…

The constituents of my Human form? My body, one sure thing, all and every one of its organs and parts…

my brain, my heart, my bowel, hands and lips and nose and legs… In a previous reading I spoke of taking directions away, as by means of focusing on and understanding Matter, now comes the time to bring those back to play: overlap them!

Put the 2 directions together (Oxygen and Food in the analogy with Need and Want), it’s not always easy, but in this case it is. Overlapping opposite directions makes them neutralize each other, a bit like Mr. Smith and Nio at the end of the movie “Matrix” did. Neutralized directions, in turn, stop hurting one the other, rather learn to coexist, learn about togetherness.

Now, let your thoughts go slowly and surely into the images of the anatomy you know of yourself, pick an organ or part of your body as you browse through them, I just chose randomly my Tongue.

Give it some Oxygen, let it breathe… healthy and serene your tongue relaxes, see it has a life of its own, and that she is waking up just now, stretching after a long sleep and taking a big breath to get back into shape… your tongue now is ready for breakfast, give it Food, allow her to grow, to be fertilized… the food my tongue requests right now is something fresh and sweet at the same time, like a Jasmine flower’ scent, turn the scent into a taste, close your eyes to enhance it, let your palate recall the flavor of Jasmine… and as you held into picturing the shape of a breathing tongue, hold a little longer adding to this picture the flavor of Jasmine, cook an awakening potion in the sensorial kitchen of your mouth, for your tongue to taste!

Do this with a few more organs or parts of the body that you come to think of first. When you’ll feel satisfied with the images you created, it will be time to move further on…

What else is my human form made of? My mind, all and every one of my dreams and thoughts…

again, make the analogy for your dreams and thoughts, put them into the context of your physical body, they also are organs in your body, they respectively are the organs and parts of your Intellectual body.

Watch a series of dreams rushing fast before your eyes, pick one that pleases you to think of, I would suggest for you not to indulge in the “feeding” of one too many dreams at once, these organ’s immensity could lead you out of focus, just one for now… allow it to breathe in Oxygen.

What is Oxygen for dreams? In an instant I come to think it’s Hope, the word I’m looking for, so give your dream Hope… and let the images of this dream overwhelm you for a minute, next, pass on to Food… feed your dream with hmmm… Action! Let these images move, create a movie, fantasize…

A dream of mine is to build shelters for kids and their families that could work as infirmaries and nurseries, school and playground. So, I give my dream some Hope, the Hope that one day I will be able to make this dream come true, without having to get involved with organizations!

In my dream, now filled with hope, I reach the building site, see the contractors drawing and discussing about the plumbing in the building, the first shelter is getting built, there are kids already playing in the backyard… and Action: I am with those kids in the backyard, we are hanging white sheets to dry, a boy comes with a bucket full of orange paint, looks at me with cheeky eyes whilst dipping his hand in the bucket. Of course my clothes and face turn all orange; we chase each other with colors in our hands splashing paint everywhere and soon after everyone else join us in the game, naturally the sheets too…

Bear in mind we are moving to thoughts soon, take the 1st scene that comes to mind at this time, watch the trailer of your dream movie, not the whole movie right now, but reassure yourself you’ll be back later, to catch up on this viewing!

And now thoughts… if dreams are the Organs here; could thoughts analogically be the Parts, in our intellectual body? Just like hands, feet, neck, are the parts of our physical body?

Define Parts: the regions our organs inhabit. Could then dreams be the inhabitants of thoughts? And in turn, could thoughts be the vessels our dreams fill? Let this one be the maiden concept for the Oxygen to find its gateway. Oxygen-Hope transforms now into Air that flows through all the pores of your skin, matching your physical body to your intellectual body.

Focus onto a thought, what is Oxygen for thoughts? At this very minute I think its kindness, stroke your thoughts gently… allowing them to breathe at a stable rate, concentrate on the first thoughts that come to mind, even if they speak of: “time passing, tons of work to do – no time to finish, no more time to sit and meditate” even if its worries… allow yourself to concentrate on the word they have in common: TIME. Dare to define even Time for yourself, what do you think of Time? Is it just a ticking clock for you or is it something more? …Give your thoughts Food… What is Food for thought? More thought maybe!! 🙂

Play the part of the scientist or the philosopher and dive into the definition of Time. Use analogy, let your mind lead you and don’t question the validity of its suggestions, if it brings “loafs of bread” to the surface of thought, for instance, try to understand the connection it’s trying to make, don’t rule it out immediately, except if you are hungry, in which case you know your mind is very politely taking the piss out of you!

Moving on to the 3rd dimension of the Human form… of Being: the Soul, made of feelings and emotions.

Your “Emotive body”… can we say that? Where all your feelings are the organs to explore, to give oxygen and food to, and the parts? What is the name of the regions your feelings inhabit? The Expressions of themselves… Emotions! Your smiles, your tears, your words… your colors, your dancing moves… the heat you might feel or the shivering cold, at impact. These are the cribs your feelings sleep in.

Give them their oxygen; give them the food they ask of you to prepare for them, and finally… when you’ll feel full and complete in your soul as well, put the puzzle together: physical, intellectual and emotive body as one.

Overlap them, going back to all the imagery created within this session: match for example the scent of Jasmine to the boy with the orange paint, giving taste to the orange color. I might even come out with an idea for a recipe with Jasmine flowers and Orange or Tangerine juice… maybe just what my body needs right now, and that is why I came to think of this and not something else… or the link means to say that the shelters of mine need to provide food for the kids as well! 🙂

You get to discover yourself, your very special, utterly unique way of expressing and understanding yourself: the essence of your thoughts!

What you just witnessed, is the embrace of needs and wants, seeing they can be united, because they are safe, freed of the ties of social environment, ties that make too many distinctions and always less connections.

Now… Remember it all depends on the matters at hand and your willingness to work with and on them.

You have the chance to transform into an independent thinker, your existence comes unbound and free allowing you to improvise…  and

Enjoy the feeling!

P.S. Just a tip:  DO THIS WITHOUT THE USE OF DICTIONARIES, do it with your own head.

Heart’ Flower

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