INJUSTICE… What does INJUSTICE mean? The… Un-just thing one does… Un-just where Just means Right, so what is the Un-Right? WRONG.


Now, what do these words mean?

RIGHT= the proper way, as opposed to…

WRONG= the improper way…

So, what we are basically talking about is WAYS, the roads one can take, being either proper to a cause or improper to that same cause.

Of course there are opinions and opinions, on what proper or improper is, but lets just concentrate on the matter for both Right and Wrong, that is: “WAYS”.

Let us picture in our minds a “way”… a road… multiply this road, make them hundreds, as to symbolize the infinity of ways existing and the plethora of choices one has.

[Take a moment to recreate the image in your head]

Now, care to make this image a bit more accurate to our primary quest: a Right or a Wrong is defined by what YOU believe to be Right or Wrong. The roads you picture, therefore, they all depart from the same starting point, you.

[Take a moment to picture this]

These roads you are picturing in your head can easily be compared to the rays of a geometrical figure, a circle… now let them enter a three-dimensional environment,  let them become the rays of a sphere, give them natural life, transform them instantly into the shiny rays of a Sun, beginning from a fireball and ending into the abyss. Don’t follow any of these rays, to see where they take you, see the whole picture first, see this Sun emanating rays/ roads/ ways, that depart from under your nose, the Sun is under your nose.

[Stop for a minute and observe]

These rays go in different directions, and they form a crown around you, they surround the fireball and by doing so they blind you from seeing its real shape. You can see the light it surrounds itself with; see the rays, but not the actual fire that produces them.

Do you know an ancient proverb that speaks: “By looking at the tree you miss the forest?”

Well! The opposite is also true: “By looking at the forest you miss each one of its trees!”

Can’t figure out why that came to mind just yet, but I have a feeling I will find out soon…

Let your mind take in this Sun of ways, this sphere, without doing much digging, simply look at it (in your mind, doing it for real will only ruin your corneas) and now turn the image upside down.

See that this Sun is very distant, not under your nose anymore, rather miles away, see yourself not being that sun, neither next to it, see yourself being the receiver of its warmth instead, the receiver of the light. In other words, put yourself at the end of the road, at the ending line of one of the Sun’s rays…

Are you in the position to state, whether this ray that unifies you (the ending line) to the Sun, is an entirely proper or improper way?

Whether the ray to your left is proper?

Whether the one on the right is improper?

Whether any of these rays are Right or Wrong? My personal opinion is: No, not entirely!

And this is way:

You are a Sun too, you emanate rays just like the “real” Sun does, you will receive the light of one ray, one way, one road… from the Sun: probably this translates in the allowance of a “Lifetime”, but you will transform the light you receive into a smaller Sun emanating at 360 degrees in 3D of rays too!

Some rays you’ll produce will be proper or improper, for you, to your causes, not necessarily in the same way as for everybody else, at impact with your choices. These rays/ways/roads will however be characterized as proper or improper from other people, people who have made entirely different choices. People who, likewise, have also been “enlighten” by the Sun and have transformed the light they received in their own personal Suns exactly as it happened with you… Are you seeing where this whole picture leads us?

It is a network of Suns, ours, a connected and well functioning mechanism for Giving and Receiving light, in terms of rays, from the Sun to you and back, from the Sun to everybody else and back, and from everybody to you and vice versa.

It’s all a process of Giving and Receiving in general!

Point being that it’s really crowded in here, and for this reason it’s very easy to step on each others ways, to bump and collide, so, for as long as you minimize the “limitation” you might cause to others, for them to Give and Receive as well as you, you are actually working finely into this network… balanced and in tune with… the “Forest of Suns”!! (That’s why I thought of the forest and the trees, aha!)

I’ll become repetitive now but I don’t mean to intrude into the workings of your minds, merely just state the presence of this method I find quite clarifying – at times – using it for the purpose of exploring the “Network of Suns” a vision representing “Humanity” here.

The method is to concentrate on Matter, because that is the One in common for each contradiction you are faced with during your life, whilst the various “Directions” for your contradictions could pretty much be infinite! And yes, – (negative/wrong) and + (positive/right) charges exist, but you cannot group them universally, they are relative to your subjective prospective on all levels of being (Mind, Body and Soul), therefore three-dimensionally speaking the difficulty is three times bigger than infinite in formulating a Universal theory, if you base it on the directions of thought!

You will eventually come out with a style, a belief, that will end up grouping you in a “church” that is for plenty or for a few, but bear in mind it will only hold a part of the Universal truth, one aspect of it, not the whole, it won’t hold everything in it, exactly because it is based on the study of a direction and not the centre of, the nucleus, the matter they all hold!

P.S. I will write another essay regarding “limitation” and the reasons why I believe they should be minimized, and that’s because not many choose to read through my texts if they are too long!

Heart’ Flower

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