Think we could all be Stars

moving so quickly that

we ourselves see only the past of what we’ve done and are.

Not the present.

The light we left behind,

ages back…

Think that the strength

We so much wish for

needs not be built up,

it already exists.

Think that what we see is buried past,

and what we’l see next,

will be past too,

once we get there.

Think that present speaks to us,

when we’re silent enough to listen to it.

Giving ideas and visions…

Us, not knowing how we’l get there,

whilst we already are.

How much wasted anxiety and stress?

Think you are a star!

Physical eyes can’t grasp!

Think you are what you plan for the future

Think you are what you are

and that there is no way of knowing what that is,

because what you are is what you will be, in time

and you cannot predict

rather just see the tail of a shadow of it.

So… Think you are LIGHT

Pure and Plain and Utter

nothing more than that.

Feel free to improvise and relax.

Heart’ Flower


T.F.L. (True Free Love)

to you all!

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