How much Light to explore?

How much Life?

How much darkness, shadows over shadows…

Over my head.

Heavy… burden…

A luggage brain, not travelling light.

Tons of thoughts to carry…

Through Light! Into Light.

Some I manage, some I don’t,

need more Living time to work on.

And a rhetorical question: “How much more?”

Such a wonderland the one of thought.



One minute sad,

the other exited to the bone!

Who does really know?

I explore and witness…

Mixed feelings and confusion in the brain.

Never the less

my only real Hide Away.

At ease, relax, feeling Safe.

…One minute later, have an idea!

Where did it come from?

Above or Below?

I say Beyond…

Skive the collision

and move on.


Heart’ Flower

T.F.L. (True – Free – Love)
to Us all


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