What if… Disease was really a Cure!

Where without it there would be doom…

 a state of stillness,

no growth, no evolution, no life!

What if it were in disguise

a Friend,

Not an enemy, nor a thief!

What if it’s there…

for us to learn and bare with it.

What if our obsession with finding sanity

into pharmacy, hospital and psychotherapy

is the real Disease,

what if the real Cure

was to be found by Us, in Us.

What if we held our own antidote within.

And finally, what if…

Disease wasn’t disease at all,

but a special power,

disabling “normal” powers

in favor of something else, something other.

Now bare in mind: (read quickly)

If you can find even just one constructive outcome,

of your Disease (from Flu to Depression to Cancer and all the more) and You,

in your joint venture,

concentrating on it would mean finding your special power!

The destructive sides of the Disease translate in the challenge,

whilst searching for positiveness in it.

You’l probably, very shortly, feel much better…

Then again,

If the condition persists, degenerates,

as they say:

“Consult your Doctor”

(I dare say… YOU)


P.S. This is to be taken into consideration only as a parallel suggestion to any therapy you’re undertaking, not a substitute, just in case I’m wrong! 🙂







to Us all!!!

Flower’ Heart

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