If all we actually needed to learn in life, is how to deal with NEEDS, of ours and of others…


I come to the following conclusions:



  1. You have Needs (Discover what those are)

  2. Others have Needs (They need to discover what those are)

  3. Our Needs need being met (If our purpose is to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and each other)

  • We are the only ones that can make the above happen (n.1-2-3).

  • Our Needs need be revealed to each other to make the above happen (n.1-2-3).

Therefor EACH ONE OF US needs to deal with:

  1. The DISCOVERY of his real Needs         ———————————————————————- THE INTERNAL FACTOR

  2. The CONSIDERATION of the real Needs of others———————————————————————- THE EXTERNAL FACTOR

  3. The WILLINGNESS to help him/herself and others meet real Needs——————————————————————— TOGETHERNESS FACTOR

Each “Factor” owns its key word, namely: Discovery – Consideration – Willingness

These three key words are required skills we ought to improve constantly on.

So that possibly:

DISCOVERY————– could lead to — AWARENESS


WILLINGNESS———- could lead to — CHANGE

For the RESEARCH and DISCOVERY process of oneself I personally believe the only thing needed is a pen and paper: start speaking to yourself in writing until you tell yourself the truth about YOU. Takes long but it eventually happens. Will not solve it all, you’l find a lot of mess and you might want to quit, don’t do it! Working with your thoughts and feelings is the most beautiful thing, far better than sex, laughing, drinking, eating or anything… really.

For the study of CONSIDERATION we need to find ways – techniques – methods to do the following:

  1. Learn how to give Consideration when asked.

  2. Learn how to ask for Consideration when you need it.


  1. Learn how to deal with “deliberate” Consideration from another (Consideration not requested by you, but offered): Acceptance – Debate – Refusal

  2. Learn how to deal with the “deliberate” Consideration you feel like providing to another (Consideration not requested by the other, but offered by you): Acceptance – Debate – Refusal


  1. n.1 in the previous list, reveals a Need of yours to offer Consideration.

  2. n.2 in the previous list, reveals a Need of another to offer you Consideration.

For the enhancement of the WILLINGNESS in doing the above, we need to answer two very simple questions:

  • Do we like the Human World (Society) as is now?

  • Why?

There are many ways we could choose to apply ourselves in these fields of study: workshops, seminars, self made theories, schools of thought and so on. Good news being the Internet freely provides plethora of information and ideas on how to exercise and improve awareness, communication and will power. Provided we realize how crucial these are for our evolution as human beings, living in a Human World, in a World in which we would like to some day see Peace, Love, Truth and Freedom… spring: please choose which ones do it for you!!!! 🙂


With “deliberate” consideration

Heart’ Flower

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