During the past month I’ve been meditating on the word FUSION and -in short- my research got me to explore topics like: fusion of ideas, thoughts, beliefs… Trying to see the World as one, in all the contradictions and the divergences within it. So, at some point last week, whilst washing a pile of dirty dishes, an idea came up, thought of a funny way to exercise combination skills. This idea matured in me and its with great pleasure that I present you today “THE BLENDING GAME”.

How it works: I’l choose a topic and express my view on it, the person who wishes to play will have to repeat or summarize mine as also add his own view. The next player, fitting the previous two views into his writing will also add his ideas on the subject matter, and so on.

In this way, theoretically speaking, the game of blending could carry on to the infinite. No barriers, no limitations to creativity and inspiration!

An example: Topic, “THE SUN”

One speaks “The sun is bright”

Next one says “The sun is bright and warm”

3rd says “The sun is bright and warm but if you’re not careful enough it could burn your skin”

And so on…

This example is a very elementary version of what I’m suggesting to do here, also, the topic I feel like introducing is far more intricate as well:


Here we go…

“Ownership is a notion just as fictitious as the notions of right and wrong. Ownership in reality doesn’t exist. “Our” Body belongs to Nature, not us. “Our” Spirit is just a hint of the common for all Spirit.”Our” Soul processes the interactions of Body & Spirit, turns them into thoughts, ideas, sensations, feelings and even these are only passing by us, provisionally on our path, and if for a while we nurture them as “ours”, alike babies, they independently grow into adults and eventually get a life of their own.”

Can you combine this opinion to your opinion on Ownership?

Rules of the game: This game has one rule, NO DEBATE, this isn’t a game for opponents! Displaying ideas with the purpose of colliding with one the other and disputing differences IS FORBIDDEN.

This game promotes the exact opposite actually. The purpose here is to find the links in between our ideas and together explore a broader understanding of a specific topic. However, this doesn’t mean that only people with similar views can play, it just means that the person with the dissimilar view could add his, using terms like “but” or “then again it is also true that…” And so on…

Use both differences and similarities as links in between beliefs!

One last thing, since this game doesn’t have an end, I would suggest a 1 month playing time for it, after which, if there is demand, we could together make a list of topics and freely choose in which ones to play, like a multi-social-game network or something! 🙂

Whoever wants to join this game and play, could publish the topic in his own blog and link the article in the comment section below. Having said this, I’m not a very popular blogger, and this isn’t my target anyways, so, please feel free to pass it on, if you like the idea. It would be great to see how people can blend their ideas and create together. To observe, step by step, the process of blending happening!

Wishing for a creative November

Heart’ Flower

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