A three act Show


Today I will come out with a short writing divided in three parts, 3 acts:

In Act 1 _ Art in Reality & Reality in Art, I will see Reality within painting, music, sculpting and lovemaking. Analyzing the effects of true communication through the analogy with artistic practices.

In Act 2 _ Real Revolution,  I will analyze the circles of life, and the way a person can induce integrity into action.

In Act 3 _ Symbols, I will give a statement about Perception and Action.

Three acts here, well studied through the previous days, into one Show. Lets begin, shall we…

Act 1 _ Art in Reality & Reality in Art

Interaction, Communication all wrapped up into art, you could call them sounds or images, or both, at once. And then, one could see them in action, like with painting, brushes and pigments. Like with music, instruments and notes. Like sculpting, scalpels and wood or clay and smudging with your thumbs, all about the hands. Artistry consists in the harmony in between the movement and the final impact such movement will have on a material, either it being a canvas, some strings… a channel for and by which one creates something other than his own self, giving birth.

So it is that each word I speak is the movement of my brush, dripping color on a canvas, a canvas named Maria, Jonathan, Eric or else. A single stroke on them, on you, is enough for me, if my means are to adhere to a joint artwork and not stain it, irreversibly.

The same practice in a different imagery, now, a note I play on my harp, my words, that contribute to whatever note Maria will play on her piano, Eric on his flute and Jonathan with his violin… Just a single note that adds up to a symphony. And what if our bodies were instruments tuned on a certain frequency, emanating sounds, projecting those outside the atmosphere of the Earth, jointly forming a song, out there… of which we can only hear a very small part of, that at times feels confusing, almost like a delirium of voices out of sync, disturbing and loud, what if in its wholeness this sound was bright and firm, instead, a melody.

And the sculpture art now, if wood was our fellow man, and our words scalpels… or a digit leaving an imprint on a clay ball, on which other digits will imprint more, pushing and forming, turning this load of clay into a face, a flower, a pot, a bowl… vessel for something else yet to be thought of.

Many could be the images, in fact, that relate to our communicative art, and it goes both ways: I am the dripping brush stroking canvases and a canvas being stroked, at once.

The sexual art doesn’t differ at all, both at once, partners on a bed, exchange caresses like brushes exchange strokes on canvases… Like instruments unify and synchronize their sounds into a melody, where joining becomes the mutual realization of what joining ultimately means, in a third: melody, painting, sculpture, a child.

We practice unity at all levels of life every single moment, every second that goes by. So, tell me, reader, how -in this one environment- can you be standing there, feeling alone, against the World? When you are one with it!

The Unit plays a role into the Whole, it shapes the whole… and the game is played at the personal and interpersonal levels, at the very same exact time. Could be too dreamy a description, mine, yet it still represents a FACT. Reality is Art.

Act 2 _ Real Revolution

Reality is organized in circles: the Personal one, the Family bound one, the Inner Social life of each individual, and so on… towards the wider ones, ending with Earth, Galaxy, Universe and the Unknown after that.

We, people, mostly act within the first 3 circles, Personal – Family – Inner Social life, with some sporadic reminders of thoughtfulness towards the outer ones, Environment Day, the documentary on TV on 3rd World countries, filled with images of starved children, not our own, that will awaken our solidarity for a moment, demanding of us to give a moment of thought, hopefully also some small action of acknowledgement… problems do exist! We can contribute into fixing them, or leave them aside for others to deal with. Its just a choice, you see, all that divides the first 3 circles from the outer ones, those we aren’t reminded every single day of, the choice to make is simple, answer this question for yourself: “Shall I consider those or not, alongside, my inner circles’ needs?”

What really matters, in my opinion, is what we, each one of us does to willingly contribute into his own personal upbringing, into the upbringing of his own family and the caring of the society he lives in. At the end of the day, that’s really all one can do.

No matter the disasters around, if I today help a homeless with some food, an old lady cross the street, treat myself with a cup of coffee from my favorite shop, bring my child to the park and play with him, try to be pleasant and kind with my coworkers, I will have succeeded today in making the UNITY I would like to see, happen, within my day. If I try also tomorrow and the day after, learning and growing into this skill of making UNITY happen within the inner circles of my reality, I will learn to do so for the outer ones too.

I will be tempted to learn how to differentiate rubbish, to re-cycle and up-cycle, to grow my own vegetables in the balcony of my flat, to shop for goods from small shops… to live a life in which solidarity expands within a sense of Unity I conquered inside my own heart, first.

To me this is the real revolution here, one that begins from inside, and turns you into an integral individual, a SUN, with his own growing awareness, steady progress… self-made methods and personal choices and observations.

All the rest… are just symbols: politics, economic theories, capitalism, communism… simply words to play with, interpreting them.

Act 3 _ Symbols

Nothing more than elevators, the direction of which you choose by pressing buttons, the floor below or the one above, depending on your perception of things. Symbols can be used to bring you further more quickly or to be hit irreversibly by.

However, the elevator’ door will open, eventually, and you will be there, standing, facing a corridor, one to walk on your own, either by holding on to your own sense of Unity, or not – but certainly not by a “Unity” on paper or by the symbols that guided you, along with others, to this one, or the other, corridor.



I am an Italian citizen living in Greece, this piece is inspired by the situation here, both political and social, and into closing this 3 act piece, I would like to say I am proud because this moment of such a symbolic nature is taking place in the country I live in. Its a statement, yet again, no matter the global perception that will prevail tomorrow, after the referendum has drown its results, I still believe its every single and distinct, unique perception that counts, and makes the difference. What matters is always what each of us, people not of Greece or Europe alone, but inhabitants of the Earth, are willing to do, to help ourselves and each other at once.

Thank you for reading.


True – Free – Love

Heart’s Flower

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