1st of all with Inspiration, simultaneous and strong, irresistible, to all writers, poets, singers, painters… all artists in general, to write, talk, sing and paint the Reform. A movement beginning with words and images and not guns, without money. Just with the expressions of the human soul!

Expressiveness that served on the internet could spread literally overnight, by tomorrow morning – if possible – united – coming out with messages of a World Reform, of money not being our God, of people having strength, holding it inside their hearts…

2nd, sending to all people in power, politicians, economists, authorities in general, dreams of famine, starvation, faces of people living in boxes and eating from garbage, sending these images in their dreams for them to see every time they even blink, with our thoughts, well, at their emails too… or twitter accounts… it won’t hurt. (Photographers could help here) Alleged to these images, a rhetorical question: “What are you going to do for me? What are you doing for me? To me? … WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”Conscience speaking, loud and clear, not stopping for a single second, a little token to those who like to play God and enjoy dictating punishments and rules from their fictitious thrones. Will you do something for me too???

3rd, Compassion, rising levels of compassion  within our souls, feeling the needs of each other, trying to make each other smile, not cry, an increase in amorous feelings and tenderness within ourselves that endures and increases constantly.

The rest will happen on its own…

I connect to the Spirit of the Earth


I plead for the LOVE REFORM to begin!



Heart’ Flower

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