Neighbor excuse my loud crowd, join us!

Allow me to present you my buddies!

In the kitchen

Abstinence, Restraint,

Openness, Thoughtfulness,


Ups toilet is taken,

Envy and Jealousy are in!

In the living room

Kindness, Nastiness,

Sympathy, Antipathy…

Eloquence and Shyness…

You’l find plenty more in the bedrooms

Greed and Love

Musicality, Expertise

Good and Bad taste (the Siamese)



I play tunes for them,

Watch them alongside,

amuse themselves…

“You threw a wicked party here!” Herd some say

Rising his glass to me,

“Cheers girl!”

Thankfulness and Rudeness

In the balcony,

Sharing animated arguments

with smiles on their face:

“Response timing is what matters at the end my friend…” They say

A bunch of professionals in my home,

Traits and Notions,

all so passionate about their work.


What I like best,

Is to see…

All these great scientists

mixing up in weird ways,

creating dance moves with me.

Observing my guests’ art forms…

The honorable representatives

my buddies sent in their place.


Blends of thy.

My buddies, you see…

they always come with great Gifts!

People are these Gifts.


Heart’s Flower

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