The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford

The spheres come to mind… You know… how the personal sphere rotates around its central ax, how the social one that wraps around it also spins, how the layers in between do their rotations too. In within there are more, and outside larger ones, layer over layer, all harmonized rotating one inside the other, simultaneously and together orbiting, around a magnet, a Sun, God… Love, for me its Love!

 I don’t know much, but I’ll tell you this much,

a Smile is a token of Love, of the purest kind.

In the dark it shines like a star,

a glare, a ray caught in between spin and orbit, inhale and exhale,

hold… held

still for a second to a decade.

A glimpse of the reasons why it does it, explanations are implied.

A Smile, a true Smile, is a port to what rests inside,

to the reasons why.

Smile when the Sun shines,

at Sun rise… Smile.

Another day rotating,

Another orbit

‘Cause of you Love,

‘Cause of you Life.

Heart’ Flower


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