Music is Space

There are

Cravings and

there are Dreams.


discover tunes in me,

words, energy,

striving to become something


Like hands, holding tight,

hands armed with smiles and heartbeats

the drums they constantly hit

and being hit, become hard

skin, strong, thick!

Damn it World, all the injustice in it

do you leave me any space to dream?

Leave me some place to dream,

to be who I want to be.

I’m a newly born, in the music,

granted space in the melodies

got it now, Smiles are doors


the open space before me.

There is structure in the unseen,

a structure you can only see, if you believe.

Fumes blurring the imagery,

blow those away

uncover new mysteries,

go on explore this space furtherly

Music, Smiles and holding Hands are inspiring.

Heart’ Flower



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