Kids in Grown up shoes

It is hard to follow, probably, I do not know, but to me it becomes clearer, every day more, how people around me and myself, at times, treat children in disrespect of their natural age, not giving them the space to be 5-6-15 year old, but demanding of them to become older and “wiser” since very early in life.


I don’t neglect here the influence of “social pressures”, of “security”, of “health care”… yet these stand secondary in my perception nowadays.

I wander about the need our demands fulfill within us, and it becomes always clearer, we ourselves aren’t grown-up at all, our human evolution hasn’t yet reached that level of maturity, as for us to stop projecting our own need for security into the child.

What we do is evident: we desperately attempt to bring up parents for ourselves, and since our need is very imminent, we do this in a hurry, dressing kids up as if they were adults, getting them not to speak too loud in a crowd, not to run around: “Behave children! Behave!”

What does it mean? To “be behaved” or better “well behaved”? It means to realize what an environment full of “others” needs, so to preserve harmony in it, and adjust or even placate your needs, in order to please it… very honorable notion, BUT, how can a child possibly do that, when he isn’t yet fully aware of either? How can we ask of the child to sacrifice his own desire to run and scream, without him even understanding what need runs beneath that desire of his… and further more understand the need behind the combined desires of all those others in his surrounding? Do you see how complicated this is? Could that work possibly be done at the sound of the word “behave” for a 5-6 or even 15 year old? I dare ask, we grown up, can indeed manage it ourselves at all times?

We jeopardize our own intrinsic purpose, to create the parents we want them to be, for us, and  that’s ironic but to me sounds like we deserve it! One day the real children will wake up, see what we’ve done, and turn against us, and why? Because its all done in disguise and without their permission!

If we, the grown up, could admit we aren’t in fact “adults” ourselves, we wouldn’t fight childhood, we would manage to coexist alike children do with each other, when granted the space and time to do so. Discuss what needs are, but do not impose our structures. Draw the lines of tolerance, but do it together.

The “grown up” characteristic in respect to the “child” is thy lived more years on planet Earth, thous has potentially grown a better knowledge of the workings of the society both, thy and the child, now live in. Granted -by precedence- with a “guidance” role. However, this role should also consider and adjust to the mechanics of the grown-up’ thinking processes. These mechanics I mention are still very youthful compared to the knowledge and physical representation acquired over the years, our brain except for stored knowledge also contains projections of these mechanics. Can we exclude the possibility our thinking processes don’t grow up with age, instead begin rotting young, unused exactly because we aren’t able to conceive the enormous potentials for change – thus evolution- that we have?

When I referred to the “puppies playing the grown up”, the puppies represented these youthful mechanics in all of us, whereas the grown up represented our vests, our masks, made of aging organs, knowledge… memory.

If we don’t realize we live right in the middle of this dichotomy, we might never bring it together, make peace with it, and our internal fights will inevitably hurt those, in the phase of their lives, in which “mechanics” and “physics” actually work as one: in their childhood, in their youth!

It makes me think of when asking a grown man his age, he can almost speak the truth and not even realize it: “I am 70, but feel 25 inside!” He might be cheating of course… and not about the “70”, about the “25”, he might be even younger than that, stuck in between 13 and 16!

I could extend my thoughts to the possibility, the men and women we place in power to decide for us, are actually playing board games like children would do, with human lives now, not with wooden pawns any longer. Mothers in their homes playing with dolls and teddy bears only that its their daughters, fathers respectively playing with little soldiers and robots, only is their sons! Wishing to find a real grown up some day to stop them, thous stuffing kids with enormous amounts of information they cannot yet process, forcing it on them, school, after school, ballet, chess, computer science… all day, all night a non stop bombardment.

If we don’t stop, look into the mirror of our souls, accept the child in us, understand its presence isn’t a nuisance, the child we deny will continue fooling us, in response to our misconduct. We might never capture the reasons beneath our actions. Brutality and pain blur the center, the core matter here:

It is not a battle in between “Good” and “Evil”, we get restless because we fight Childhood.

We might excuse ourselves, playing hide and seek, but we can’t escape this one truth, we are children ourselves and you know what? We can change our games at any time, exactly because we are children!

It’s a blessing to be a child, not a curse!

Why fight it? Fighting it makes us only play brutal games, by means to express our internal fights, but we can do otherwise! We could unleash our own innate creativity – quality of the child in us – and apply it into bonding with other children, on a ground where age doesn’t really matter, at all. After all it is just a measuring unit within a counting game of ours, created by us, not nature, neither by a higher power.

We must stop this discrimination process, “Age” makes no real difference.

Replace these games, with less harmful ones.

And try it, if not to save ourselves, for the real children watching us!


Thank you for reading!


Heart’ Flower


11 Replies to “MICRO-REALITIES”

  1. First of all would like to express gratitude to you for all the imagery you brought into the above message, from clouds to orcs, it was like reading into a motion picture of words, what an honor and a gift for me! I adhere to the sense for overrated evolution, in fact suggest enjoying moments and finding in them motivation and meaning, like in childhood for instance! 🙂 Or in the vision of a flower blooming, or of a seed planted, a food preparation, a smile… The smallest solitaire star spotted in the sky at night. Simple things that hold the purest glimpses of wisdom, and that our eyes can grasp instantly, but maybe because used to having all of them around, cannot rejoice with… Excitement comes with more, as you say and with NEW… But what if someone started speaking, or many did, about the more and the new living into small things?
    I don’t know who or what for, some interfered with natural evolution of earthly shapes, yet what I know, and that’s from personal experience, is that no matter what happens or why, it is in our hands to make it work in favour of creation – or of destruction, matter is those who see and have a few ideas ought to share them!


  2. couple of typos there: ” predatory because they nature is twisted” should read “because their nature” and “like the captures elves of Tolkien’s stories” should be “captured elves”


  3. I like the metaphor, about the toy, I am very interested in this topic lately, thank you for the insight! However I would not use the term races or species to describe the groups of existing beings, I would use the term “shapes”, that is because I believe all come primordially from the same substance that – very simply – organizes itself in different manners thus has different qualities and tasks to accomplish, in this sense I personally cannot see there is better or worse, more or less evolved shapes of being. I see evolution in itself being the door, not to a staircase or hierarchy, but to a mutual ground for further interactive growth, all levels into one… than again this thought prevents me from losing hope entirely on the shape you name “Earthian”, it is indeed a pity to see people destroy the planet and themselves, that’s why conversations, articles, communication in general has a point: to exercise awareness and create change, or at least give it a chance! 🌸


    1. I sense that too much credit is given evolution – personally I doubt the concept is even valid, I call it adaptation, a more neutral, less-emotionally charged, more accurate way to describe how life changes to take advantage of all its other changes, its “shapes” as you call them changing, just like cloud shadows change on the hills as the clouds dissipate in the heat of the day, or are re-shaped by the high winds. The problem with the evolution theory is that its proponents fail to take stock of the fact that time and again, unexpected interference happened in the patterns of earth. We are not the product of “natural evolution” winding its way unhindered through the millennia. We have been interfered with many times and this explains our skewed approach to our natural, living environment. We don’t care for it, we abuse it, kill it, destroy it, poison it for profit and pleasure and for the vast majority that doesn’t matter in the least. The driving motto is: MORE. These shapes are predatory because they nature is twisted, like the captures elves of Tolkien’s stories who were changed into orcs. People, but for few exceptions, have been twisted into orc-like creatures spiritually and mentally. Similarly, domestic animals are not naturally evolved from wild ones: they resulted from massive cloning experiments, and mixing with creatures from other worlds. Long story, but if man is ever going to come to some understanding of what makes it tick; what’s up with the twisted view of life, particularly as regards his unconquerable misogynistic desires, well that’s the story he’ll have to look up.

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    1. Now I see where you’re coming from: that the SPECIES is socially speaking, at a teenage level of thought and activity. I have to seriously think about that before I would agree, though I see something similar in my understanding: that “man” as a species has not yet evolved to the maturity of what a real human being is. I call this species “Earthians” to distinguish them from other more evolved races. So perhaps we’re on the same page. The current major problem is that man’s technology has far surpassed his moral ability to control it. It’s a toy and man doesn’t mind destroying his own world in order to give his toy more and more space to express itself in. Thanks for the exchange also.


  4. Ofcourse, I agree with you, security is both an issue and an irony in our societies, do not deny, what I suggest here is the reason why people comply with educational systems that ask for too much a little too early, to put it very lightly, and, interests of those who lead aside, why every day people actually follow these leads? I believe is a need of theirs -parents, teachers- deep inside. They want to switch positions with their babies, let the children be their parents as soon as possible, because yes as you well say brainwashing goes on, but not only that, the human mind is still evolving and at the moment is still in the teenage period! If therefore this could be understood and accepted by us, that we all are kids, at the end of the day, we could treat children differently, see them for what they are and not for what we expect them to be!


  5. A bit difficult to follow but I think I get the gist here. Children should be allowed to be children and not raised in a pre-determined environment. Sadly, what a child needs is no longer available: open, wild, natural space; a space s/he can run to, and into, without any supervision. There is so much fear now, so much distrust of everyone in this new world order of constant surveillance and false security. We can’t allow children to run free – it’s too dangerous! but we can blindly kill 40,000 of them a day without batting an eye because those deaths are profitable for our society, or at least for those who run the dysfunctional madhouse. Public education is a child-prison system of endless brainwashing in which up to 12 or more life years are lost or wasted; from which robots emerge to serve the elites.


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