2 Brothers: the Artist

The Artist is one who

                                          The Artist is one who

doesn’t accept to be ruled by brutality,

                                           accepts brutality,

instead sits himself and describes reality,

                                           lives reality

express things painting or writing or sculpting,

                                            expresses action holding or punching or love making,

baking, dancing, inventing.

                                            running, yelling, jumping.

Is the child at the corner watching others play carelessly,

                                            Is the child playing carelessly, the one who started

resenting the fighting,

                                            the fighting,

yet translating

                                            yet responding

transforms even cruelty,

                                            deforms his own cruelty

perceptions of thy,


in a masterpiece.

                                            tossed in the dust bin.

Acceptance at times

                                            Denial at times

makes his hand tremble

                                            makes his eyes weep

the lines parting.

                                             the lines sweep.

He can see with accuracy

                                             He can feel deeply

by disengaging, thus creating.

                                             by engaging, thus destructing.

Buys time for digesting.

                                             Spends time fasting.

The Artist is one who attempts, constantly,

                                             The Artist is one who can’t stop questioning:

to understand how his Hands relate…

                                              “Where does the Eye stand…

To the visual abilities.

                                              In relation to the making?”


The Artist is the overlapping.

Two brothers

So distinct

So unique, in the process of

balancing out their needs!

Heart’ Flower

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