Metamorphosis & Smart use of Bounding Lines

Now that

this Particle starts moving

and finds Points

limiting flow,

changes route direction-wise and…

With these points,

draws a Shape.

Becomes Shape.


this Shape begins stretching

and finds Sides

limiting plane,

changes measure dimension-wise and…

With these sides,

fashions an Area.

Becomes Area.

Later that

this Area sets out to elevate

and finds Surfaces

limiting levitation,

changes perspective coordination-wise and…

With these Surfaces,

creates a Volume.

Becomes Volume.

After that,

this Volume heads to expand

and finds Capacity

limiting density,

changes quantity quality-wise…

With its Capacity,

organizes Space.

And becomes Space.


this Space discovers

it is organized by Capacity, in Volumes

created by Surfaces, in Areas

fashioned by Sides, in Shapes

drawn by Points, in Particles…

It also learns

to do it both

Forwards and Backwards

At the same time.


Heart’ Flower



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