The scavenger’s bet

I agree by now…
people in reality don’t search for freedom,
that much is already near,
maybe even more than they can hear!
They search for a sense of it, the taste, the feel.

can never be sure
they actually have it!
But can one ever
be sure of anything?

And since security
isn’t achievable
with certainty,
why not
fall in love
with probability!

Don’t you see it’s a circle
sucking you in?

There is a gateway within,
the lead is acceptance
of all small things and big,
real and fictional treasured gifts.

Don’t get persuaded by just one thing, even if seen from
the point of view of probability.

Probability is…
somewhere into all these,
there is also that something
you really need.

combine them in one great pile
and give them all to me,
I have a little more space to fill,
ideas to transform them with.

Heart’ Flower 🌸

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