Life in a bubble


…an organic spaceship

this bubble,

sensitive not blurry.

Like magnifying glass

when I need

help me see, spot clearly

what is happening.

My bubble is part of me

visible and invisible skin.

Physical and Spiritual boundaries.


Meant to both expand

by my hand

and keep me safe within.

The real thing,

my job is

to learn and work

with this… bubble


See there is reason in it

and steadily

yet kindly

also stretch it.

It is not to break free

it is… to gain an understanding

and a feel

of what it is

where it takes me

and why that might be,

the journey.

Make its substance flex

inch by inch

from inside

by gently pressing (exhale)

and retreat (inhale)

Observe the synergism…

Interactivity changes

constantly reshapes.

Truth is I am not ready

to wander in the vision of

complete freedom.

Otherwise I’l be dead


There will be

this certainty, some day.

What would life be without death



Guarantied, dead before lived.

Explore the painting

bit by bit

is what’s left for me.

Discover my rhythm

one I am more comfortable with.

In it a melody

mine to feel and sing.

Senses exist…

And my bubble



Many mine, my, me but what really is … just lives the sensing.

Heart’ Flower




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