In other words…

I’m exploring my “bubble”, and through this, exploring the World, it is.

Its all about an image, I guess, the sensing, of a wonderful substance named “boundaries”.

Bubbles are meant to be enlarged not broken!

That’s why brutality, anger, war… is so futile, time-wasting and harmful, these bruise and trespass, abusing of the boundaries of everyone, but for what real reason?

The bubble eventually heals, if not damaged irreversibly, but in the mean time, we’ve wasted time otherwise used to expand, in the healing processes necessary for restoration. Never mind one can always find space to expand also whilst healing, when strong enough! If, however, the braking happens, there is death. Of course Death, as another level of being, exists, it happens naturally, but inducing death to yourself or other people, deprives you or them of the chance to experience the human prospective over wholeness, thus deprives wholeness of a part of its story.

Human visual angles in fact, are different from the immortal, exactly because humans are mortal. Thus, boundaries, what I call “bubble” or “organic spaceship”, exist for a reason. In life we expand this bubble and, without life, we become it… Space in between seen and perceived.

Again, why treat bubbles gently? Why work with them and not against them?

Do not want to break them, because they also protect us, keep us alive, and transport us around, within the form of life, we are experiencing now.

We feel restricted, but in reality boundaries are not restricting, they stretch, they accept as much space you are able to absorb. The sense we commonly name “restriction” is mistaken for imprisonment, space in which boundaries do not have flexibility, therefor, for a lack of freedom. In reality this restriction is only felt because you are sensing the need for stretching but do not yet know how to do it.

I’l now refer to the human body, and the physical boundary it has, which is skin. As a child grows, in age, also do his organs and bone structure, his skin stretches, enlarges, to keep all into him, intact. Why should a conceptual boundary work in any other way? Because its invisible to the human eye? …Everything expands, but if it expands too soon or too slow, the boundary will encounter flexibility problems and you’l need work to bring it back in shape, like when someone gains a few extra pounds, and then goes trough a diet, need workout to tone that skin, same applies to all other “skins”.

Stretching needs to be done steadily and slowly, a child at first cannot move properly, thus his boundaries are pretty narrowed, later, as he practices, learns to hold things, to walk… has expanded his boundaries a great deal already, later he is able to talk… practices other layers of skin, related to communication, later makes progress with his thinking processes and his memory… other layers there… all boundaries that stretch as he continues working with them.

Society in many ways interferes so to direct and lists boundaries’ expectation-growth by an approximate time schedule, giving first kindergarten, later primary school, secondary and so on till we find structures for working life, family life e.t.c. I’m not going to enter the large topic on how these structures are run, all over the world, endless discussions won’t solve problems in education and social order, my point is another: if who creates these structures can see boundaries enlarge with time, we all can! We all know where to we can get and when, we can work wisely with our boundaries, and keep on expanding, on so many levels… freedom, lives within these boundaries for the human being, the point of life is to experience what there is in it, in the bubble and to expand it freely and gently, as we grow.

The bubble expands and travels, still holding on, as a safety film around us, yet creating always more space for us, inside.

I could end this here, but its not all… Other bubbles expanding and travelling, all around, make sure to deform roundness whilst connecting with one the other… The contact surfaces become areas, forming prisms.

What makes the bubble move? …otherwise envisioned as the organic spaceship, what links these, to each other? What force binds them, making sure they flex and mold, without braking? From where I stand, my perspective tells me, is an engine, inside these bubbles, a magnetic force, a glue… transforming bubble particles into cells, ligaments, tissues… I call this force LOVE, creation and transformation magic, meanings… simple and complex, or simply flexing. What keeps us in motion towards each other, and finally together… is LOVE.

Some prefer the word Nothing, I prefer the word Love. Just different perspectives over wholeness, equally significant wording.


Heart’ flower



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