Earth – The Spectacle

Through the reflection of my face in the window
a little island at a distance,
located exactly at my eye level.
As I sit watching, now
can make me double the island…
and have island eyes,
or islands for eyes…
If I wish.

The abyss around them
and the horizon line,
a single wrinkle on my forehead.
Where the sky above becomes
or is already my head.
And clouds are thoughts
engaged in mutating motives.
Into the night, constellations.
In the day, enlightened by burning flames of Sunshine,
become raise for paths
leading to heart’ vibrations.
Around this heart,
Trees for lungs perspire and filter
cleanse my air.
And under those
Soil and intricate organizations
below the surface levels
ensure flow continuation.

The sea in between
curves facial expressions,
neck and shoulders,
robust yet penetrable shields
to this one life’s perception.
Arms calmly settled,
on cliffs,
mountain’s edges.
Hills are breasts,
chin and elbows.

Light kindly draws my shapes, now
at this early hour.
Revealing the Spectacle,
allowing for sight
to possibly accept me
in its womb…
In one single piece.

The reflection on the window fades away, now
light washed it
sea soaked it.
Somewhere around here
there are also Knees… Legs and Feet.
The lost aspects behind the scenes.
Kneeling in prayer or begging,
Knees point out the need for expression,
relation and affection.
Disregard won’t do it,
Over-focusing on massive destruction
won’t either.
To save this Spectacle
one must rise on aching knees
and trembling feet,
walk the land,
and one by one…
Treat its wounds, gently,
to heal.
Placing seeds and patiently awaiting
to see these wounds transform
in beautiful flower gardens,
home to rare plantations.
Into this one spectrum
participation is requested,
of all life forms, interacting
in their combination.

Heart’ Flower 🌸

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