Why Influence – hence invade – when you can Inspire – hence respect – and get efficient results at the end?
Art, no matter how abstract, is more realistic than Science will ever be, because it unifys the senses, it links them!
People alike all other life forms, are constantly correlating things but they prefer perceiving what they are doing is deviding and grouping.
Yet deviding and grouping is what creates disease, the lethal ability to detract from a maze (till here it’s useful…) and isolate (detrimental), the denial to see relation into everything and by consequence the refusal in experiencing wholeness tranquilly.
On the contrary, True Art is the ability to be open to all links, accept relation, see where they lead and produce through these links: expressions of these.
Not excluding means expanding any experience, means traveling the density of experience.
Artists are the real scientists, but I am not talking of Artists by name or fame, the baker at the corner of my street is an artist because he envisions combinations for bread that you cannot even imagine, all those whose work triggers all your senses at once, is an artist, because he inspires his linking abilities and awakens your dormant ones.
Why do most people deny themselves linking? I have an answer: “Because of the fear of confusion!”
But confusion only comes when many things coexist without links in between! Thous at the denial stage for seeing such links.
Why do we deny ourselves to see unity?
Because we fear internal invasion although accept it fully in our societies – what an irony, hence the fear in us transfers to the senses, if I hear, I only hear, if I see I only use my eyes… bullocks! The senses coexist, co-work, inspire eachother, embrace eachother, produce eachother, and with eachother give a resulting reaction: an expression, a solution.
Synesthesia is reality, not a disease, we all have it but most deny it, they call it the “Artist brain”.
And I was almost certain about it but now science backs it up, which makes of me – who isn’t a scientist – a genius in disguise! Haha 😀
The senses do not invade one the other if you know so, they are simply linked together, that’s all. Accepting of them to be linked together is the inspiration factor in the Artist’ brain. Envisioning these links is the Art!
Trust a doctor only if he doesn’t deny the Artist in him and his Art form moves you. That means what he sais actually inspired you, you needed it.
Trust people in general only if they are artists in what they do and their artforms move you.
If one wants reality or a better World to live in, thy should know all there is, is linkage, and find the Art to transform this linkage into solutions for change to really happen. All are dormant artists to some extent!
Wake up!

Excuse my harshness, it’s a sensory reaction to the invasive blood examination I had yesterday, “needed” they say every year, well I am not certain!

Heart’ Flower 🌸

7 Replies to “Awake!”

      1. Yes, I thought that phrase in your post so wise and insightful, that inspiring people safeguards respect for them. Very wise. Freedom and choice, and growing up to make decisions we want. Bring on the wisdom! have a great day 🙂


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