I feel drained…

I am empty right now

no more energy

an empty shell

no crab inside.

But how empty is really, this emptiness I feel inside of me?

What have I consumed and what have I left cave?

What is it like, this cave shape of mine?

Do I have a shape?

I feel empty, but I can still manage to fill your lines with words… Ups contradiction!

I feel empty, but my shoes are filled, pumped with feet… Ups contradiction again!!

I feel empty, but frankly getting comfortable with this,

so I ask,

Where within my emptiness does Comfort live?

Do I make any sense???

I have a supposition to suggest,

What if “empty” was a term, used to describe a vaporous substance,

one that cannot be grabbed…

Whose processes transform solid energy

into an aerial form of it.

And leading on from this line of thought, I suppose again,

when refilled… hasn’t one actually accomplished the opposite,

that is, to transform Aerial into Solid, restoring it to full functionality?

And so I ask anew, if we do know how to both

empty and fill… fill and empty

Why is it that science, the notorious human way to explain everything,

hasn’t yet found the way to do the same?

Knowing well the mechanisms used to disintegrate but yet missing out

in succeeding to reintegrate,

rebuild a solid, fully functional, restored wholeness.

What is the missing particular?

Can I take a quick guess without being judged for rushing?

Could it be “SLEEP”?

Could it be that Sleep solidifies what has previously been brought to a vaporous state, thus worn out?

And what does Sleep mean, in the profound, the symbolic and the physical?

I’l let you know of my findings, in time,

when I will manage to become conscious of them,

right now I just know I have them,

because all is here, all the answers and the questions

all the ways to change, unlock mind-circuits,

placate drama and PAIN,

live joyfully and in harmony with each other…

the extraordinary triggers and keys are all here,

waiting to be found and honoured,

even when we prefer looking on other directions.


Heart’ Flower








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