Problems in societies arise when “organisation” claims of knowing better than people themselves, what people’s needs are and how to solution them. Human need is determined by every and each situation alone and there isn’t one that is the same. Precedent cases, similar, exist but every and each case has its own particular circumstances. Problems in societies arise when organisation becomes a vest to force human beings into, at any cost, even when it clearly is too tight or too loose for either a few, some, many or a lot!

Rules, made out for other centuries, other societies, other situations, can be a stepping stone to respect and learn from, but cannot fit today’s World by word, because today’s World features discoveries that did not exist before, we need to experiment and update constantly! Organisation should be tailored to fit situations… Not the other way round!

It’s not surprising that technology evolves quickly, it does so because it links its existence to “need”. Because it updates all the time to service better functionality… Regardless the question of whether technology itself is really needed for human existence or not, once established, its evolution follows this very simple question: WHAT DOES IT NEED TO IMPROVE ITS FUNCTION?

Systems should function and evolve like mobile phones do or like software… Because organisation in reality is a tool designed by people to help people find solutions to their needs. Organisation is a needed tool in human coexistence for as long as it is flexible, otherwise it becomes an obstacle to resolution of needs and a tool for creating further PROBLEMS!

Yet we need more time to understand this simple notion – time – that will cost much more many lives!

And for as much as I understand how sad this story is, how asphyxiating and painful, I also understand how STUPID we all are for being afraid of a DRESS… Of the system as it is, that prevents us from being who we are… Just like kids are afraid of ghosts and do not open the cupboard, do not look under the bed, do not walk alone to the bathroom even though they really want to try.

BUT Systems only exist because there are people out there insisting to abide, obey and reinforce those. Yet, in any given situation both the actors and the “judges” are people! Situations evolve and involve Eyes of people that have the ability to see, Mouths of people that have the ability to speak, Ears of people that have the ability to hear, many more body parts but also Hands of people that have the ability to stop genocides! To stop torture! To STOP violence! To STOP atrocities – PREVENT harm – PROTECT PEOPLE.


The above mentioned EXIST, body parts and their functions exist! What for are we sparing them from being? Our brains can think, what for are we sparing those from questioning? Our hearts can feel, what for are we sparing those from LOVING?

If we are not here for using all the organs we are blessed enough to have, what for are we here in the first place???

… Listening to the NEWS on TV is not a good enough answer for me!


Heart’ Flower

3 Replies to “Systems”

  1. You ask tough rhetorical questions that have equally tough answers. Organisations are a tool, but they are not in the hands of “normal” people. All of them are hijacked from inception by one or all of these three “Powers”: organized religion, the state, and money. Every organisation, from basic nuclear family to the UN is a tool of these Powers. It is how they enhance and keep their power. So, the problem is with organizations. Since you cannot have them serving freely, then you’ll have to rid yourself of them and find another way of interacting with others. I know of only one answer to that: self-empowerment and compassion. I choose my path; I choose how I interact with you, how I see you and whether I take from you, or share with you, or give to you. You are not an adjunct of some organization, a race, a gender, an age group: you are an individual human being, and in my mind that is all I need to know about you. The rest then is simple. Does that mean no technology? No but it does mean a humanly, environmentally sane technology completely controlled by free individuals, never for profit, only in service. You also need to understand that money, as a tool, has become a lie. It has no value, and the power it wields is always against people and the environment, never for. As with organized religion and government, these are the number one enemies of life on earth. Note: it is impossible to ever make these forces comply to the needs of people and the planet because in essence they are gods. Gods need to be worshiped and served, they don’t serve you.


    1. Sha’Tara what you say is true, I don’t deny or object any of it in any way, actually you find me agreeing on all. However my thought goes further, not into “organisations” as institutions only, but into the notion of organisation in its total, from scheduling a day’s work, organising a shopping list to bureaucracy and how the legal system works… All of it to me, is a mechanism with similar patterns, elegedly something once worked out fine, it helped, we use it, we do not question it as we do not question our own ways, our own ability to organise our space, our home, our memories, our thoughts… It is all interlinked… So what I wished to say is to open up to updating and concentrate at function in our updating-upgrading capacity. If we start doing so within our “small” lives, we can then project it outwards into the “Gods” as you called them.
      So, yes to all you mention about these powers… But all their power is served by human organs that abide and obey without questioning the validity and the methods case after case. If the human organs started independently living their natural and special functions, that vary from eyesight to sensing who would serve these Gods? None! Nullifying the function of theirs as Gods to serve, rendering them useless or simply outdated… Thus restoring human nature to its ability to evolve and learn and organise in other ways, towards it’s own independence – this is organisation too, but of another kind. I don’t believe this can happen magically, this can only happen through awakening, through learning not to walk away from problems but facing them instead, and this is work that each one does alone – in my opinion, there is some ongoing work but not much conscience of it, of what it represents… This is why I feel the urge to speak, believe this is why you speak also, many do alike… Yet it’s not nearly enough, but this is what there is today! Tomorrow … I don’t know yet!

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      1. Frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve had 70 years of it (observing what doesn’t work) and in order not to lose my mind I had to narrow it down to “me” and my thoughts about the whole thing. I “sense” that something crucial to our ability to live freely within “telepathic” living organization (empathy?) has been taken away from us and we are acting as mindless robots. Like the character Raymond Shaw in the 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate.

        I’ve spent my life identifying the forces behind the brainwashing and finding ways to cancel out their programming, just as Bennett Marco does in the movie. The deprogramming now depends upon awareness by every individual; basically the individual must choose to deprogram himself or herself and engage to live an alternate lifestyle diametrically opposite to what the status quo demands. Every real human must live as a total rebel against the herd.

        What I have definitely concluded for myself is that there is no fixing of the current societal machinery. As long as there are people willing to sacrifice themselves in trying to fix the problems within the machine, it will continue to crush and to destroy.

        Anyway, my thoughts to this point. Hope they don’t keep you from a good sleep! (well, it’s 12:30 AM here!)


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