Angels didnt fall on earth, humans did… if you would however like to see an angel, try being one, helping and bringing joy to those around you, so that one day… one that probably is very far away, we might call this world: HEAVEN

Lucio Dalla – Henna


I’m here to share the methods I use to improve what I see (thus symbolically the EYE in the heading picture) through what I can give (… the HAND in the above pic.).

One day, in meditation, it was year 2002, I had a revelation… won’t tell you the whole story, it’s long, I will leave that for another time, just mean to share now the last words I heard from one of the “voices” that guard over me ever since: “… Find the midway in between your eyes and your hands and you’ll be fine!”

Since then I search for the balance in between what I see and what I do with it, within all the experiences that fall into my lap.

The diagnosis was short and left me space for interpretation, so I experiment endlessly ever since, through writing, painting, interacting with people… at work, at home, doing “social messaging experiments” as I call them, and now blogging, this last one I am falling in love with very quickly! 🙂

Hope this can help you as it helps me!


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